Dear Woman Romantically Malnourished

Dear Woman Romantically Malnourished,Our society aims to address and treat malnutrition, where one suffers from not receiving enough nutrients to allow the body to function fully. But there are many other types of malnutrition that get neglected. What goes unnoticed and unspoken are married women with their needs, whether it be sexually, emotionally aren’t met.... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman with the Disability

Dear Woman with the disability, We are all disabled somehow - whether we choose to accept or deny it. It is there. The only difference is that yours is visible, and we all see it. However, don’t let any limitation or encumbrance hinder you from being who you want to be and doing what you... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman who said No to Jesus

Finding a man you can trust in their words and intentions can be like finding a needle in a haystack. (It almost feels like all the good men are taking). You've seen it all, and you have vowed to say no forever. And when Jesus approached you like he did the Samaritan Woman, you too... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Who Has to Forgive

Dear Woman Who Has to Forgive, It sucks that we have to forgive; it does! Especially when you've been wronged so many times for the same offense. Let us have a raw moment, as a christian or not, saint or ain't; it hurts to forgive. It almost feels worst than the offense. A rush of... Continue Reading →

Dear Overqualified Proverbs 31 Woman 

Dear Overqualified Proverbs 31 Woman,  You are Supermom and your kryptonite is that you don’t know when to STOP! You bend over backward. You work to meet the standard of Proverbs 31 Woman.  I get it; it is highly praised - an independent woman, a business owner who takes care of the household, her husband, and... Continue Reading →

Dear Women Desperately Needing Mr. Right,

Dear Women Desperately Needing Mr. Right, I have seen this far too many times, where women feel like they have reached a dead-end in their love life, and they compromise. They trade loneliness for “love” - They settled for the unsettling.   This plot does not have to be your narrative. Settle for a lifetime of peace. Settle... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman who can’t say No

Dear Woman Who can’t say NO,I used to be you… ok, I am still struggling with it. So I guess this is our A.A. meeting - Hi everyone, my name is Rose, and I can’t say no.I cannot say no, not even to save my life. I’ve sacrificed my comfort, and my time to help... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman who’ve Lost so Many Times

Dear Woman who've Lost so many times, You are NOT losing this time! All your life, you’ve been loading a cargo of defeat because all you do is lose “no matter what, and you stay there.” Weakness, Failure, and Loss are inevitable - we all will experience them at one point or another.  You are... Continue Reading →

Dear Forgotten Woman

Dear Forgotten Woman You know… I have forgotten about you… until a friend of mine reminded me of you. How ironic??! It is unfortunate that you are always forgotten and that all you have done have gone unnoticed.Let’s put an end to this - it is time you are remembered for your good heart and... Continue Reading →

Behind The Smile

They've said that most people who've cracked a smile are often veneering their truest emotions. They conceal it in hopes that people will not know their truth, because the Truth HURTS! They hate to display emotion so they are not perceived as vulnerable and weak. They launder the reality they feel about others... they hate them but... Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes

Presuming that everyone has had a glimpse of the behind the scenes of their favorite role model or movie, you know that there had to be some major setback at some point in time.  And you know there was some unexpected stumbling that appeared. The best movie, broadway show or fashion show, exhibits the most chaotic backstage.  But... Continue Reading →

Dear Privileged Woman

Dear Privileged Woman,  I know it's been out for debate whether you are a woman of privilege or not.  I know that you are unaware of my fellow Black Women's struggle.  I know... I don't fault you for it.  It isn't fair to call you ignorant for not knowing. But as of yesterday, I want you to open... Continue Reading →

Dear Married & Masturbating

Dear Married & Masturbating, Yeah yeah, I know... I know your marriage bed is undefiled.  But trading a penis for plastic is not the way to go.  You've neglected your husband and clung to sex toys because you've suffered and endured a boring and unsatifiying sex life for too long.  I hear you!  May I offer a word... Continue Reading →

Dear Lesbian – Woman with Pride

Dear Lesbian - Woman with Pride, Homosexuality used to be the best-kept secret; an embarrassment to most and a guilty pleasure to few.  Then it became a trend; it was what everyone talked about.  But we were not ready for what it has become today; a way of life to many.  We weren’t prepared to live with the differences of... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Dropping the Charges

Dear Woman Dropping the Charges, It may take some time before you are granted forgiveness and clemency.  You’ve sullied a man’s character and defamed his reputation.  Now he must live with a mark of disgrace; the dagger is that he is innocent.  He knows it, God knows it, and you know it. Yes!  You’ve dropped the charges.  Yes, you’ve recanted... Continue Reading →

Dear Mom

Dear Mommie,My beloved mom, I never got to tell you this because oddly enough I thought I would always have the time...but, thank you for keeping me.  I’m forever angry with time as it robbed me of so much.  I constantly drown myself in tears hoping I could share so many more days with you. Knowing... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman with Mommy Issues

Dear Woman with Mommy Issues,  The way you carry the load of knowing the woman who carried you for 9 months didn't want you, and till this day still doesn't want you, is quite remarkable.  And I know Mother's Day must be the worst day for you.  Though you look courageous and unfluctuating on the outside, on the... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Next Door

Dear Woman Next Door, If walls could talk… you would hear sooo much - the whispers of steamy sex, old wives tales, juicy gossip, secrets unveiling, unsatisfactory shady approvals... There is so much to be learned behind closed doors.  Since you are listening behind her walls, I hope we can put your curiosity to good... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Craving Acceptance

Dear Woman Craving Acceptance,  You know, if I can dare be frank with you, we ALL either have been there or are there right now.  So, you're not alone.  We all long to be accepted and loved by others.  No matter the color, creed or culture, we thirst to be deemed adequate and suitable.  Unfortunately, for some of... Continue Reading →

Dear Untamed Tongue

Dear Untamed Tongue, For too long you've allowed your untamed tongue to destroy people's confidence and damage hearts.  I know they say the tonality matters, that is true.  But sis, words hurt!!  Words cut deeper than your tone of voice ever could.  Words do far more damage than a stare.  Words spoken are never forgotten.   Being vocal and assertive is a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Dear Preggo

Dear Preggo,You’re the real MVP!  As a result of overfamiliarity, you definitely go without being properly appreciated.  At times you go uncared for, unheard and unappreciated.  We don’t thank you enough for your sacrifice.  You sacrifice your body, your career, and at times you sacrifice your life. We don’t thank you enough for your willingness to embark on the journey.  We've... Continue Reading →

Dear Me Too

Dear Me Too, Way too many of us have been suffering in silence.  We've accepted and allowed silence to be a weapon to cripple us.  Meanwhile, the most potent weapon we own is our voice.  It is time to use our voice to free us; indict and incarcerate the assailant.  What's the point of owning a weapon if we are... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman With the Fibroids

Dear Woman With the Fibroids, I know you are exhausted from looking pregnant when you are not.  I know how hard it is having people ask you how many months you are when you are not.  Now you struggle how to respond.  Tell them, “It is not Grace, its Grease.”  Smile!  Tell them you are bloated.  Or be honest... Continue Reading →

Dear Ugly Woman

Dear Ugly Woman, “Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?”  Girl, don’t let people tell you that you’re ugly and don’t you dare be the one to say it to yourself either! I must agree; we aren’t all equally beautiful.  Some are prettier than others.  But that doesn't mean “u ugly.”  Have you ever taken the time to consider what this World... Continue Reading →

Dear Saved, Single & Satisfied

Dear Saved, Single & Satisfied,  You go girl!!! Ain’t nothing wrong with being saved, single and satisfied.  Don't let picture-perfect people pressure you.  Some women fall into these traps and they feel scant, sad, sorrowful.  There are some women who are Saved, Married & Miserable.  You don't want that.  You're SavedYou're Single and you're...SatisfiedSufficient Sane That's a win - Okuuuurrrr!... Continue Reading →

Dear Grieving Woman

Dear Grieving Woman,  Every five minutes you have a cluster of foreign emotions you're experiencing.  Just when you thought you've come to a moment of peace, another grief-stricken emotion walks through the door.  You have lost 50% of yourself and you can never get it back.  Losing a mother is tormenting; for the lack of a better word.  It... Continue Reading →

Dear Terrified One

Dear Terrified One, Someone once said, "The higher your climb, the better the view.”  Come on girl, get up here.  The view just keeps getting better and better.  Don't be afraid to do it.  Caution is good... but too much caution causes you never to amount to much. But on your way up, be sure not to take unnecessary weights... Continue Reading →

Dear Lady with the Toxic Family

Dear Lady with the Toxic Family, By now I know that you are tired of your family and all the anxiety they trigger.  Family is important so I could never tell you to cut ties with them; and besides, that is too divisive.  What I can say is set boundaries.  Don’t allow them to overstep your bounds.  Put your... Continue Reading →

Dear Black Woman Hiding Her White Husband

Dear Black Woman Hiding Her White Man,  True love is not racist.  It is untamable; it knows no borders.  It is unstoppable; it can’t be restrained.  It is unmistakable; it can't be hidden.  Love is where you find it.  And when you find it, NEVER let it go!  Black with Black, White with White or Black with White, it doesn't... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman with the Generational Curse

Dear Woman with the Generational Curse,Listen… it stops HERE… today!  You must END this!  Generational curses feel a sense of entitlement in people’s lives because NO ONE DARE TO FACE THIS LION.  It creeps into the tiny door it finds.  It takes root.  Then it starts to disintegrate generation after generation.  It deteriorates your advancement, your happiness... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman who picked the Wrong Man

Dear Woman Who Picked the Wrong Man, Shit!This is where I draw a blank.  There is too much at stake for me to give you common and generic advice.  Do I tell you to leave him, knowing very well that you want to stay?  Should I remind you of all the reasons why you must go NOW?... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Wounded by Church

Dear Woman Wounded by Church,  If I can count how many times I've been hurt by church, I wouldn't have any pieces of my heart left and I sure wouldn't have enough of me left.  Church is not for the weak; believe me when I tell you.  It is a place where people who are MESSED up gather.  Hence,... Continue Reading →

Dear Women In Politics

Dear Woman in Politics,They used to say, “This is a Man’s World.”  Now we say “But it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.”  While this seat is often occupied by men, it can also be occupied by you. You too have got what it takes. You too belong here.  Don’t be intimidated.  You deserve a... Continue Reading →

Dear Independent Woman

Dear Independent Woman,I’m here for it.  Get your degree!  Get your career!  Get your house!  Get your dream car!  Girl, get it all!!!!  But remember to leave room to be a little dependent.  While independence is praiseworthy and dependency becomes this abnormality, I'm starting to see that being independent has been handicapping our society instead of freeing it.  The "I can do life all... Continue Reading →

Dear Baby Mama Vol 2.

Dear Baby Mama, The last letter that I addressed to you got into the hands of someone else.  She reached out on your behalf to remind me there is “pain and hurt” behind your actions.  She also summoned to my memory that you’re the victim and not the villain. So, I’m addressing another letter to you... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman Behind the Influential Man

Dear Woman Behind the Influential Man,  Roots often go unnoticed.  Meanwhile, the fruits are enjoyed.  The stage crew goes overlooked all the time.  Meanwhile, the production and actors are praised.  And you, my fair lady, are no different.  Your husband gets all the accolades and you go unremarked.  If no one ever tells you this, thank you!  Thank you for how well... Continue Reading →

Dear Prayer Warrior

Dear Prayer Warrior, One of life's hacks is having a praying lifestyle.  You understand this so well.  I find it quite admirable.  But, have you ever prayed for something and with time, you completely forgot about it?  Ever prayed for something and when you got it you didn’t want it as much as you did when you prayed... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman who Hates her Stepdaughter

Dear Mother who Hates Her Stepdaughter,  Ou, Chile!  I heard that you hate your stepdaughter because you fear that she will preoccupy all of your husband’s love and that your daughter will compete with his daughter.  You aren’t wrong for feeling the way you do; there is no judgement here.  But I hope you can channel a healthier... Continue Reading →

Dear Sugar Baby

Dear Sugar Baby,  What I’m not going to do is judge you.  As a matter of fact, this isn’t even my business.  So, pardon me if I’m coming off a bit condemnatory. Trading sexual favors for a lavish way of life is not good commerce.  It shows a reflection of exploitation, prostitution, and who knows, maybe trafficking.  This lifestyle... Continue Reading →

Dear BabyMama with the Drama

Dear BabyMama with the Drama,  I know you feel an intense or passionate dislike seeing the man who destroyed your life live his best life. You hate the fact that he threw you out and now you vow to make him pay. I know it is wounding — but that doesn’t mean you are justified when you... Continue Reading →

Dear Sister in Law

Dear Sister-in-Law, If you could be so kind to just treat me right… I would appreciate it. It may be that you don’t feel like your brother made the right choice. Perhaps you would rather have had a sister-in-law that was much more refined, educated, and sophisticated. SIS...IT! IS! TOO! LATE! FOR! THAT! I'm sorry that I don’t... Continue Reading →

Dear Me

I don't tell you this enough... Whether you have hair or not You're beautiful! You're enough I love you... Always!

The Dependent Me

The Dependent Me The Dependent Me is me operating in my true blueprint.  While independence is praiseworthy and dependency becomes this abnormality, I'm starting to see that being independent has been handicapping our society instead of freeing it. It evokes in people an "I can do life by myself" attitude.  Phrases like "I can raise... Continue Reading →

The Incarcerated Me

The Incarcerated Me  The Incarcerated Me is in a personal prison.  My very own prison that I have built with my own mind.  NO ONE can hurt me but ME.  The doors are locked.  No one can help me... I'm my worst critic - nothing I do is ever good enough.  Excellence isn't good enough... Continue Reading →

The Damaged Me

The Damaged Me  The Damaged Me is held in captivity by my pain, my past, and my people.  Together, they have a way to affect me with paralysis... unable to move forward and inhibits the hope for a better future. Pain, honestly, we weren't built for it.  Once we have pain... we cry... we give... Continue Reading →

The Online Me

The Online me  The Online Me is really not who I am... it is who I wish I could be... the me that I want people to see, know, and remember.  The online me is a facade, veneered to look appealing and at times to be hungered after. I've dissolved that if I can fake... Continue Reading →

Broken Sister

When you grow up with someone... your next of kin, partner in crime, or best friend, you have a bond with this person like none other. You can communicate a whole story without muttering any words. If you are a big sister, you automatically become a second mom.If you are a little sister you, well you... Continue Reading →

1460 days…

It is painful to hear of the passing of Chadwick Boseman.It is shocking to hear that he was diagnosed with colon cancer 4 years ago.It is draw-dropping how the information was kept confidential.It is disheartening to hear of people's criticism towards him.It is inspiring to witness his resilience through those years.It is WOW just to... Continue Reading →

Broken Daughter

Well in advance, we know our parent(s) before venturing into the world meeting new people. From an early age we comprehend that our parent's role is to protect and nurture. Innately, we start to imitate our parents.Wearing my mother's pearls around my neck, barely walking in her oversized shoes, and applying her Ruby Woo lipstick... Continue Reading →

Broken Mother

Women are patterned to carry eggs, ovulate, menstruate, procreate, breastfeed, nurture, and MULTI-TASK. A Broken Mother can only offer the shattered pieces of herself. That's all she’s got to give. Broken mirrors and broken windows are often ineffective. In the same vein, broken mothers may not be as operative as they ought to be. We've... Continue Reading →


The word on the street is that Jada Pinkett-Smith had an affair; and all hell broke loose. When celebrities show a little transparency or expose a transgression or a misguided judgment, there is this veiled or equivocal reflection on their reputation. But in actuality, every married person is “entangled” in their own marital dysfunctions, whether... Continue Reading →

Broken Crayons Vol 2

The Genesis of my blog began with Broken Crayons. I talked about how many of us limit the potential of the crayon because it is broken. I dared my readers to see their potential despite their brokenness. Nearly three years later, I'm becoming more fully aware that brokenness has paralyzed many women from living their lives... Continue Reading →

The Double Sided Story

The Double Sided Story As authors or fiction tellers, we hold the pen to a world of outcomes and possibilities. We get to tell the story how we want it to be told. Yet, the reader can interpret the story differently. In life, people often retell a story from their vantage point. Hence the adage,... Continue Reading →

Pocketing from our Pain

Pocketing off our Pain I’m in a quandary. Should I just scream? Should I cry? Should I write? Should I and more should I’s… I have so much to say but… but nothing seems to come out... … … … We are in a depth of despair. We seem to forget our frailty. We lose... Continue Reading →

The Color of Injustice

"MAMA! ... MAMA!" George Floyd screamed as he laid on the floor helpless with a police officer's knee pinned down on his neck. For 5 minutes and 58 seconds, we see a video retelling the narrative of George's final moments. "I can't breathe... please... I can't breathe... please... my neck hurts, my stomach hurts, everything... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned

Life is a mystery. You just never know what you might get from day to day. Today might be a good day and tomorrow might be a not so good day. Each day we wake to the unknown. By the end of the day, we all would have learned something, something new or reminded of... Continue Reading →


Honestly... COVID19 is the reason I know the word "QUARANTINE". In fact, the first time I used it in a sentence, I butchered it. My husband had me repeat the sentence 3 times hoping I would catch it. Each time, I said the same thing. He ended up correcting me and we both had a... Continue Reading →

Hope for World

Do you remember Job? He has a whole book in the bible dedicated to him. Most people find the book too convoluted to understand. When I first read it I marveled at how God would allow him to go through these severe suffering. He lost everything he had. His children, his wealth, his possession, even... Continue Reading →

It is not ok… but it is going to be ok

These times are hard times, harder than anything we could ever imagine. It's been disturbing and distraught. I've ran out of comforting words to give to my friends. I've stopped listening to the news. I've been wiping and sanitizing surfaces like crazy. I've washed my hands more times than I can count. I've been eating... Continue Reading →

Make the Best of these days

Make the best of these days is really ironic. Where do we find any "best" during those days? The days have brought winds of emotions, complications and frustrations. As the story unfolds we have lost people and the people remaining have lost hope. Hope... A thing in the past. Were we a populous who put... Continue Reading →

For the Grieving World

These past couple of weeks have been a CALAMITY...  ALL of this to me are scenes directly from a film as seen on TV. Seeing in right before my eyes is SURREAL and UNSETTLING. We've heard SHUTDOWN, QUARANTINE, COVID POSITIVE, RIP so much we've become completely numb. Social distancing for some is much needed but... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to the Woman Next Door

Yes, South Africa’s very owned Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Beautifully executed! Mes compliments ma belle. There has been a flooding of congratulations, shares, and posts on my social media feed and suddenly, she is now trending. She is the new face of the Universe with “cheuveux crepus” and yet globally accepted. I'm... Continue Reading →

The Eulogy

“You will never see a U-Haul behind a hearse.” Denzel Washington Hearing of the death of someone always induces a wave of sadness; whether it is personal or not. It even has the ability to make you relive the death of a close one. At funerals, the easiest and most relieving portion is the eulogy.... Continue Reading →

I got my Own Sewage

Leave it to me to bring you a post with a title that got you SMH-ing! Lets get it started shall we? Ever noticed that EVERYONE comes to YOU to solve all THEIR problems? Their ministry is sinking, they all on you. They’re planning a party they call you. They catch their husband cheating and... Continue Reading →

Heartless Humanity

I've watched one of the most gut-wrenching videos today. A man who is expressing his happiness that Kobe Bryant passed away. Apparently, it is a "good story" the story of the athlete's passing. His reason, "he raped a girl." Is this what our society have become??? - a heartless generation full of vengeance and emptied... Continue Reading →

Dear Woman battling Infertility

Dear Infertile Woman. I'm sorry on the behalf of all the needy and curious people who constantly make their way to bring you more sorrow than you can bear. We see you, woman who makes everything easy and yet battles with your siege in the shadows. We, the people have exhumed all the dead hopes,... Continue Reading →

Dear 16 & Pregnant

Dear 16 & Pregnant, I'm sure this was not what you would have wanted. But it happened and life continues. This is going to be a tough couple of years for you, a very maturing phase. Your peers may forsake you. Your parents will be disappointed. Shame may follow you. You are going to get... Continue Reading →

Dear Envious Woman

Dear Envious Woman, I will trade you my green pastures that you've been peering over the fence, for one week If can tend to it like I can, if you will wake up early in the morning to water it, if you will mow it when it's needed, if will purchase fertilizer for it, if... Continue Reading →

Il n’y a pas de Rose sans épines

This morning, I woke up to a grief strickening message, my grandmother has journeyed to be with the Lord. I know she is in a better place because she was very pious, fully devoted to God. She left a legacy of faith for us. At 83, she's lived a good life, 7 children, 22 grandchildren... Continue Reading →

Dear Widow

Dear Widow “Your Little is Enough.” [[Based on a True Story: 2 Kings 4:1-7]] Dear Widow, You just lost your husband and now his creditors are threatening to take away your sons as ransom. What a deeply disturbing experience. Now, you are in a dire necessity to live. Seeking help, you ask Elisha, a man... Continue Reading →

Death to the Notion of…

Death to the notion of… Death is a tragic experience for EVERYONE, to those they call “thugs” and to those they call “chickens”. Our human instinct continues to struggle with accepting death. In that grieving process, there is that pain that is indescribably too evident to deny. The death of our loved ones is totally... Continue Reading →

Dear Delilah

Dear Delilah “Protect your husband’s Strength.” [[Based on a True Story: Judges 16]] Delilah, my beloved friend, what you did to Samson was depraved. You lost your moral compass sis. You deceived and destroyed him, for what, $1,100 (pieces of silver)! Girlfriend, this can’t even pay your rent though. It seemed that the money was... Continue Reading →

Dear Manoah’s wife

Dear Manoah’s wife “The blessing is in the instruction” [[Based on a True Story: Judges 13]] Dear Manoah’s wife, You are the mother of one of the strongest man in the bible, Samson. Strangely enough your son is more talked about than you. Failure to talk about you has caused many of us to lose... Continue Reading →

Dear Widow of Zarephath

Dear Widow of Zarephath “It may be difficult or seems impossible for you but do it anyway.” [[Based on a True Story: 1 Kings 17:8-16]] Dear Widow of Zarephath, I certainly had to take in why God had to use you to feed Elijah. You, being that you are a widow, with a little child... Continue Reading →

Well, Hello Dear

Hello 2019… or should I say, Hello You. We commonly hear, “this new year is going to be my year.” Yet, we find that, our non-resoluted resolutions have been there since 2010. Does that mean that 2010 and 2018 are the same? Nope, that means you’ve been the same. So, instead of speaking to the... Continue Reading →

Girl, Listen to my Voice

As 2018 draws to a close, I’m appreciative of all the various blessings that I've harvested. It was a good year, a great year actually. I got married. I saw my father and brother after six years. I witnessed two of my girlfriends marry their beau. I reached a milestone. As for you, I’m confident... Continue Reading →

Dance with the BIG girls

Dance with the Big Girls The Christmas Eve production at my church was good this year. My favorite part was a praise dance by the little girls age 7-9. These girls walk on the stage and lined up. Then they added this little girl in the middle. Based on her outfit, a few things were... Continue Reading →

When he goes HIGH you go low

When he goes high you go low. Ladies, this one is for you. Actually, all of my posts are for you. But this one is a special one. Michelle Obama gave one of the best speeches in World history. I don’t intend to talk politics on my posts, we have enough controversial topics as is.... Continue Reading →

Please, Stop Praying!

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I love God and I love prayer. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s get started. I don’t know if conservative Christians will concur with this post. However, I know that this post doesn’t retract from the truths of the Bible but supports it.... Continue Reading →

The Pain, the Pill, the Legend

The Pain, the Pill, the Legend  Pain is painful, if that makes any sense. There is nothing worst than pain, an intense agony decaying one’s peace. Pain is also powerful; it controls people’s mind and may even remove the human instinct of compassion. Pain kills people and causes people to kill others. One who is... Continue Reading →

Throw the Whole Kiki Away

If you have never found out who Kiki is, that is ok. I haven’t either. Kiki just become famous over the summer, courtesy of Drake being in his feelings. No one knows who she is. I even googled her, “Who is Kiki?” Finally found something that Google don’t know. Based on Drake’s unassertiveness Kiki doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Get out of her Uterus

“Get out of my pussy” is the title of one of the chapters of Gabrielle Union’s book, “We’re going to need more Wine.” In this chapter she vulnerably opens up about a wound that she had for a very long time, the infertility wound. She had eight or nine miscarriages. That’s enough pain for eight... Continue Reading →

Dead Roses

No one ever talks about dead roses. Roses are only praised for their beauty, their vibrant color and their fragrance. The dead roses are metaphors for dead romance, dead moments, dead anything that ought to be alive in relationships. They are untold non-fiction stories because fiction sounds so much more intriguing. Every relationship has them,... Continue Reading →

Custom made 

I would categorize myself as a persnickety person. Nothing is ever minor or trivial for me. I meticulously do the things that I do. When I started dress shopping, I knew what I wanted to look like as a bride. I spent nearly 11 months looking for my dress. I dragged my best friend around... Continue Reading →

The Inheritance

It brings comfort knowing that someone cared enough to leave you something. Something that you have not worked for but they felt you were deserving of it. An inheritance. They leave money, real estate, and personal property for you. These endowments often leave people set for life. They may never have to work again. Struggle... Continue Reading →

Prayer Works, Always!

Contrary to popular belief, prayer works. Always has and always will. This is not my first blog post about prayer. I’m sure this won’t be the last, due to its importance, advantages and even its misconception. I was conversing with someone recently and they questioned the potency of prayer. This conversation sparked this post. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Dear Breast Cancer

Dear Breast Cancer, Meaning that this is my first time ever talking to you maybe this letter should be more welcoming and friendly. But, I can’t find it in me to be nice or cordial to you. You suck! Like, big time. The dictionary doesn’t have enough negative adjectives to describe you. You’re aggressive. You... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Without It

I nearly had a nervous breakdown the other day. I took a picture on my phone, it came out really nice. I wanted to post it on Instagram but I had a little reservation. I had way too many flaws. My skin looked rough and tough. I could see the uneven skin texture. I was... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Yourself

I was talking to my baby brother the other day and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you before, but I am proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much.” These words meant so much to me. I never actually took time to appreciate or celebrate my accomplishments. The delays, hurdles, self-disappointments,... Continue Reading →

Healing for a Grieving Friend

When someone loses a loved one, there is but a few words that you can give to comfort them. When someone loses a 9 month old baby there is absolutely nothing that brings comfort. There are no answers for any of their questions. There is nothing left but turmoil, barrenness and pain. That is where... Continue Reading →

The Empty Love Tank

For a myriad of decades, we, the people have been waking up with a grateful heart and smiles on our faces to be quickly vanished by CNN’s “Breaking News.” The news has been tremendously devastating. Whether you are in High School in Columbine Colorado, at the World Trade Center in New York City, in an... Continue Reading →

Just Ask

“The greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked.” Mark Batterson. The genesis of Jesus’ miracles is embedded in John chapter 2. John tells us that Jesus and the disciples were invited to a wedding, which the name of the newlywed isn’t mentioned. During the reception, the wine runs... Continue Reading →

Who is invited to the Wedding?

The moment people know you're engaged, they've become the inspector gadget. They have many questions. “Have you set a date yet?” (Uhm, NOOOOOO! I got engaged just a few hours ago). Then the “How did he propose,” The “let me see the ring.” I'm ecstatic and thrilled to show off my hand to ANYONE who would... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Daddy

Dear daddy, my disciplinarian, There is a surfeit of great things to say about you but I just don’t know where to begin. A father’s love is so special to his daughter. As you know, you are very special to me. You told me how much you loved me and how beautiful I am daily.... Continue Reading →

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