Death to the Notion of…

Death to the notion of… Death is a tragic experience for EVERYONE, to those they call “thugs” and to those they call “chickens”. Our human instinct continues to struggle with accepting death. In that grieving process, there is that pain that is indescribably too evident to deny. The death of our loved ones is totally... Continue Reading →

Dear Delilah

Dear Delilah “Protect your husband’s Strength.” [[Based on a True Story: Judges 16]] Delilah, my beloved friend, what you did to Samson was depraved. You lost your moral compass sis. You deceived and destroyed him, for what, $1,100 (pieces of silver)! Girlfriend, this can’t even pay your rent though. It seemed that the money was... Continue Reading →

Dear Manoah’s wife

Dear Manoah’s wife “The blessing is in the instruction” [[Based on a True Story: Judges 13]] Dear Manoah’s wife, You are the mother of one of the strongest man in the bible, Samson. Strangely enough your son is more talked about than you. Failure to talk about you has caused many of us to lose... Continue Reading →

Dear Widow of Zarephath

Dear Widow of Zarephath “It may be difficult or seems impossible for you but do it anyway.” [[Based on a True Story: 1 Kings 17:8-16]] Dear Widow of Zarephath, I certainly had to take in why God had to use you to feed Elijah. You, being that you are a widow, with a little child... Continue Reading →

Well, Hello Dear

Hello 2019… or should I say, Hello You. We commonly hear, “this new year is going to be my year.” Yet, we find that, our non-resoluted resolutions have been there since 2010. Does that mean that 2010 and 2018 are the same? Nope, that means you’ve been the same. So, instead of speaking to the... Continue Reading →

Girl, Listen to my Voice

As 2018 draws to a close, I’m appreciative of all the various blessings that I've harvested. It was a good year, a great year actually. I got married. I saw my father and brother after six years. I witnessed two of my girlfriends marry their beau. I reached a milestone. As for you, I’m confident... Continue Reading →

Dance with the BIG girls

Dance with the Big Girls The Christmas Eve production at my church was good this year. My favorite part was a praise dance by the little girls age 7-9. These girls walk on the stage and lined up. Then they added this little girl in the middle. Based on her outfit, a few things were... Continue Reading →

When he goes HIGH you go low

When he goes high you go low. Ladies, this one is for you. Actually, all of my posts are for you. But this one is a special one. Michelle Obama gave one of the best speeches in World history. I don’t intend to talk politics on my posts, we have enough controversial topics as is.... Continue Reading →

Please, Stop Praying!

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I love God and I love prayer. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s get started. I don’t know if conservative Christians will concur with this post. However, I know that this post doesn’t retract from the truths of the Bible but supports it.... Continue Reading →

The Pain, the Pill, the Legend

The Pain, the Pill, the Legend  Pain is painful, if that makes any sense. There is nothing worst than pain, an intense agony decaying one’s peace. Pain is also powerful; it controls people’s mind and may even remove the human instinct of compassion. Pain kills people and causes people to kill others. One who is... Continue Reading →

Throw the Whole Kiki Away

If you have never found out who Kiki is, that is ok. I haven’t either. Kiki just become famous over the summer, courtesy of Drake being in his feelings. No one knows who she is. I even googled her, “Who is Kiki?” Finally found something that Google don’t know. Based on Drake’s unassertiveness Kiki doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Get out of her Uterus

“Get out of my pussy” is the title of one of the chapters of Gabrielle Union’s book, “We’re going to need more Wine.” In this chapter she vulnerably opens up about a wound that she had for a very long time, the infertility wound. She had eight or nine miscarriages. That’s enough pain for eight... Continue Reading →

Dead Roses

No one ever talks about dead roses. Roses are only praised for their beauty, their vibrant color and their fragrance. The dead roses are metaphors for dead romance, dead moments, dead anything that ought to be alive in relationships. They are untold non-fiction stories because fiction sounds so much more intriguing. Every relationship has them,... Continue Reading →

Custom made 

I would categorize myself as a persnickety person. Nothing is ever minor or trivial for me. I meticulously do the things that I do. When I started dress shopping, I knew what I wanted to look like as a bride. I spent nearly 11 months looking for my dress. I dragged my best friend around... Continue Reading →

The Inheritance

It brings comfort knowing that someone cared enough to leave you something. Something that you have not worked for but they felt you were deserving of it. An inheritance. They leave money, real estate, and personal property for you. These endowments often leave people set for life. They may never have to work again. Struggle... Continue Reading →

Prayer Works, Always!

Contrary to popular belief, prayer works. Always has and always will. This is not my first blog post about prayer. I’m sure this won’t be the last, due to its importance, advantages and even its misconception. I was conversing with someone recently and they questioned the potency of prayer. This conversation sparked this post. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Dear Breast Cancer

Dear Breast Cancer, Meaning that this is my first time ever talking to you maybe this letter should be more welcoming and friendly. But, I can’t find it in me to be nice or cordial to you. You suck! Like, big time. The dictionary doesn’t have enough negative adjectives to describe you. You’re aggressive. You... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Without It

I nearly had a nervous breakdown the other day. I took a picture on my phone, it came out really nice. I wanted to post it on Instagram but I had a little reservation. I had way too many flaws. My skin looked rough and tough. I could see the uneven skin texture. I was... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Yourself

I was talking to my baby brother the other day and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you before, but I am proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much.” These words meant so much to me. I never actually took time to appreciate or celebrate my accomplishments. The delays, hurdles, self-disappointments,... Continue Reading →

Healing for a Grieving Friend

When someone loses a loved one, there is but a few words that you can give to comfort them. When someone loses a 9 month old baby there is absolutely nothing that brings comfort. There are no answers for any of their questions. There is nothing left but turmoil, barrenness and pain. That is where... Continue Reading →

The Empty Love Tank

For a myriad of decades, we, the people have been waking up with a grateful heart and smiles on our faces to be quickly vanished by CNN’s “Breaking News.” The news has been tremendously devastating. Whether you are in High School in Columbine Colorado, at the World Trade Center in New York City, in an... Continue Reading →

Just Ask

“The greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked.” Mark Batterson. The genesis of Jesus’ miracles is embedded in John chapter 2. John tells us that Jesus and the disciples were invited to a wedding, which the name of the newlywed isn’t mentioned. During the reception, the wine runs... Continue Reading →

Who is invited to the Wedding?

The moment people know you're engaged, they've become the inspector gadget. They have many questions. “Have you set a date yet?” (Uhm, NOOOOOO! I got engaged just a few hours ago). Then the “How did he propose,” The “let me see the ring.” I'm ecstatic and thrilled to show off my hand to ANYONE who would... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Daddy

Dear daddy, my disciplinarian, There is a surfeit of great things to say about you but I just don’t know where to begin. A father’s love is so special to his daughter. As you know, you are very special to me. You told me how much you loved me and how beautiful I am daily.... Continue Reading →

Comparison Cripples Creativity

“Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle” Trent Shelton Growing up as a little girl, I was always being compared with my peers. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I just wasn’t good enough. I hated it! I wanted to be me and me alone. I had numerous internal battles because I... Continue Reading →

Life comes with lemons, lemons with the most pits and the sourest lemon at that. The ones that are too lemony to make lemonade. Then, life comes with two kinds of surprises. We get those that put a smile on our faces and those that can break our hearts. For the most part, life is... Continue Reading →

Dont Jump

Life throws at us many curveballs and fastballs. Sneaky and Fast! Born today and an adult tomorrow. Fast! But life is a beautiful thing, with the ups and downs that come with it. Its days are like a box of assorted chocolate that you would receive on February 14th. Some are like the pecan crunch,... Continue Reading →

You Have to GROW Through It

“Nothing good comes easy” Renaldo Connor.  Imagine if you never did sit-ups, crunches, planks, would you ever have a six-pack? Working-out, going to the gym requires discipline and consistency. When the lactic acid builds up and burns, we still have to keep going. It is through this environment that we build muscle. It has to... Continue Reading →

Run – No Excuse for Domestic Violence

One of fondest memories I have of my mom is when we used to spend our whole Saturday watching Lifetime movies. What captivated us and kept us watching were the “based on a true story” tagline that introduced majority of the movies. One of the movies we watched was “A Cry for Help: The Tracey... Continue Reading →

I cannot Keep up with the Joneses

I cannot! For hundreds of years the Rockefellers, the Astors, and the Vanderbilts have been duplicating their wealth like the cytokinesis step in the Mitosis cell cycles, ranking them the richest Americans in History. Meanwhile, my bank account just went through the apoptosis stage, cell death. I cannot afford to care about my standard of... Continue Reading →

Urgently Needed

It is often said, “I don’t need a man… men need to step up…. Men need to take care of their responsibilities.” Whether it is true or false, that’s an argument for a different day. The belief of not needing a man is a myth in my opinion. Men are NEEDED, urgently needed. We need... Continue Reading →

This Jealousy thing is REAL

Jealousy is actually a thing… something that is actually ongoing and causing rot in our World. While people should be happy for other’s accomplishments, some find themselves hungered and angered for that success. Many women manage to forge the happiness they "have" for others. They are both envious and jealous. A jealous friend is like... Continue Reading →

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. - Anonymous Our eyes are a set of organs that is indispensable to having an independent life. It gives us the ability to care for others and ourselves. It gives us the ability to admire all of God’s creativity in nature. All the while... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Me

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and BAM out of nowhere you feel UGLY? Really, You haven’t? Hmm! Well, I have. And it sucks! I’ve looked in the mirror cringing at how I look. For as long as I can remember people always called me “ugly.” Sometimes, it wouldn’t affect me but... Continue Reading →

Please Keep It

Throwing things away is quite therapeutic. It is refreshing. It is like a new start, a breath of fresh air. We throw away ripped jeans, (well… not in this era) but, old shoes, old books, leftovers. We dispose of used things and damaged things. Then… there are some things that we need that we disappointingly... Continue Reading →

If I Can Only Be Like YOU

I went to Bloomingdales and purchased Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Parfum. It smells oh soooo good. Aside from being a shoe-aholic, I am a perfume enthusiast. If a lady is going to wear that little black dress accompanied with a nice pair of shoes, she is going to need a fragrance to compliment it. That is... Continue Reading →


“Never postpone YOUR vision waiting on help.” – Trent Shelton You got ONE life to live. One Dream to pursue. One You, to make it happen. Everything else will fall into place in the opportune time. What are you waiting for to go for it? A million dollars? A friend? An invitation? Help? Your dreams... Continue Reading →

As a Woman’s heart is, so is she

Do you remember the series of commercials, “What’s in your wallet?” I really enjoyed them. It has put things into perspective for me. The lesson that I amassed from it is that what’s in one’s wallet is important. Maybe it is an American Express, a Discover card, Visa or MasterCard, maybe it is just a... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Hear it

Let me tell you what my friend Jane told me just yesterday. But a little backstory, She’s been married to John for 15 years and together they have five kids. Three of them are my goddaughters. Now, fast forward to what she told me yesterday. She loves her husband but… the bliss has died and... Continue Reading →

This Woman

This woman… This woman is full of essence This woman is full of brilliance This woman is full of radiance This woman is full of confidence There is something about her, this woman… it’s her allure This woman is full of beauty This woman is full of modesty This woman is full of creativity This... Continue Reading →

Stronger Together

“It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people.” - Taylor Swift In lieu of my #StrongerWithHer posts this month, I would like to create stronger camaraderie amongst the women in my community by issuing this piece. Camaraderie among women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, race and age is much needed. It is... Continue Reading →

Clean It Out

Winter is over and spring is here! We’ve been waiting for this season to arrive. It is time to get rid of the heavy coats, the Uggs boots. Time to put away the bulkiest sweater. Oh! It is time to clean out your handbag too. You know what handbag I’m talking about. The one that... Continue Reading →

Boaz is Looking for Ruth

  It is often mentioned that all women are waiting to meet their Boaz. He is both a prince charming and a knight in shinning armor. He is coming to sweep every lady off her feet. Betroth her and live happily ever after. Here is a disclaimer; Boaz is NOT for every woman. I’m not... Continue Reading →

Caution! Your Mouth is LOADED

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This is probably one of the most fraudulent quotes I’ve seen. There is absolutely no truth in it. I would like to ask the author, “How many times have sticks and stones broke your bones?” Seeing that words can be really hurtful... Continue Reading →

Perfection is an Illusion

Perfection is an illusion. The sooner we can grasp this life changing verifiable truth, the sooner we can all live happily ever after. All my life I was made fun off because my nose is fairly too round and too big to be classified as a nose. As a teenager, this caused somewhat a mental... Continue Reading →

The Creeping Kryptonite

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid”- Sheryl Sandberg A myriad of people have been crippled by their kryptonite, that ultimate weakness that is miniaturizing their life: FEAR. We aren’t born with it yet it slowly creeps up in our lives. Fear is like untreated hypertension. The warning signs are disguised and long before... Continue Reading →

About Him

Lots of people have heard of him. They’ve heard me talked about him on numerous occasions. Him and I met and talked a few times. I was not interested. But it was clear that He liked me. He was showing a lot of interest in me. But I always shied away. Our best conversation took... Continue Reading →

Remember Lazarus

Last week, I got news that a friend of mine, Manouchka Charles, got into a serious car accident in Mexico and is in critical conditions. Family and friends here in the U.S. are frantic and we feel helpless. However, there is an overflow of love on our social media platforms. We are posting pictures, status... Continue Reading →

We are Melaninaire

We are Melaninaires  I love the skin that I’m in. It is beautiful and rich of melanin. Undeterred by how some people may feel about it, I will rock it until the day I breathe no more. Still, there are many women who don’t love the color of their skin because media tells them black... Continue Reading →

Greener Grass

Greener Grass  For those of you who’ve been looking over my fence and desiring my grass, let me take this time to be completely honest with you. My grass ISN’T always green. You just conveniently caught it at a good time. If anyone tells you their grass is ALWAYS green, don’t believe them. What they... Continue Reading →


Quite an unorthodox title, but, allow me to explain. Goalcast, a motivational website, has these amazingly inspiring stories of people who have had BIG failures that paved way for great triumphs. People like Thomas Edison, Tyler Perry, Jack Ma and so many more. In last week’s post I wrote, “There will be days when failure... Continue Reading →

Shield for the Fiery Days

It’s only been three weeks since we rang in 2018. You are probably still fueled and devoted to the newness, a move forward, and to building healthier habits. But be vigilant so you do not to fall into the same routines that you had before. You will run into different seasons in this New Year... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Thing for People To Do

The Hardest Thing for People To Do It’s not love. It’s not remembering. It’s not being kind. It’s not being patient. It’s not saying, "I'm sorry." But it is Forgiving!!! Have you ever held a grudge? Are you currently holding one? More often than not, I hear stories of victims refusing to grant pardon to... Continue Reading →


A considerable number of us have been waiting for January 1st. Waiting to bring into existence this “New Me” that everyone has been looking forward to. We are all programmed to wait on this day in order to bring the much-needed change, the New Year resolutions. Everyone all around the world are full of excitement,... Continue Reading →

Woman, You’re Priceless

  Have you ever purchased a diamond earring or diamond anything for $50? Yeah! Me neither. I’m a professional shopaholic. I’m currently thinking of attending an SAA (Shopaholic Anonymous) meeting. I constantly find my closet stocked with brand new clothing, many of which still have the tags on it, and have been sitting in my... Continue Reading →

Dear Innermy

Why do you listen to what people say about you? Whether they are true or false? Their words don’t validate you. They don’t pay your bills and they definitely did not endure nail-pierced hands for you. Don’t you know that when you heed to the naysayers, you are weakening your supernatural powers? Negative people and... Continue Reading →

Broken Crayons

“We are all a little broken. But last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same.” Trent Shelton Having something of value break is quite a familiar experience to many. Whether it’s a broken plate, an iPhone screen, an umbrella or a broken “self.” Anything that is broken is rarely suited to fulfill its function.... Continue Reading →

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