Dear Preggo

Dear Preggo,
You’re the real MVP!  As a result of overfamiliarity, you definitely go without being properly appreciated.  At times you go uncared for, unheard and unappreciated.  We don’t thank you enough for your sacrifice.  You sacrifice your body, your career, and at times you sacrifice your life.

We don’t thank you enough for your willingness to embark on the journey.  We’ve heard of countless accounts of women who opt for a childless journey.  However, you’ve taken on this voyage like a boss.  We don’t thank you enough for living for 2, eating for 2, or sleeping for 2.  It’s a load. 

We don’t thank you enough for how well you win a victory over morning sickness, the constant trips off the bed to the bathroom, and war in the womb with kicks and punches.  Oh geez!  How can I forget to mention… pushing a human being out of your delicate woman parts.  You’re the Real MVP!  How you push a baby out such a small spongy hollow place still remains a mystery.  You’re the Real MVP!  Thank you! 

Well, I guess I should tell you, that you’re not alone… (Wink!  Wink!)

To motherhood, 

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