Dear Breast Cancer

Dear Breast Cancer,

Meaning that this is my first time ever talking to you maybe this letter should be more welcoming and friendly. But, I can’t find it in me to be nice or cordial to you. You suck! Like, big time. The dictionary doesn’t have enough negative adjectives to describe you. You’re aggressive. You are wicked. You are invasive. Do you know how many wonderful, brilliant and exceptional women you have taken from us? Those who we’ve engraved on their tombstone “gone too soon.” Because that is what you did, you took them too soon.

You’ve created an abyss in all of us for everyone that you’ve taken from us. From the time of your existence you’ve been our deteriorating the world by lessening the lifespan of the women in our lives.

Stay away from our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and our nieces. You are an unwanted peasant. You are a murder. In society, murderers don’t get to walk free as a good citizen. We are going to treat you as such. We are going to find cure to eradicate you off the face of this planet. This is a promise.

We will raise more awareness about you. We will take care of our bodies by pursuing a healthy journey. We will eat clean and workout hard. No longer will we let you win. We take a stand! We are overcomers. We are winners.
A Victim’s daughter

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