Marie Lucille Azor – Stronger With Her

I’ve had a blast talking about 29 women who have had some great influences in my life. It is absolutely refreshing to know these ladies, the ones near and far. I look to them for inspirations, prayers, laughs and to carve out memories. As I close the curtain on the #StrongerWithHer Highlight, I couldn’t exclude... Continue Reading →

Deborah Lindor – Stronger with Her

It is often said, “behind every great man is a great woman.” Deborah has proven this to be so true. She demonstrates it oh so well. As her husband, Jeff has become one of the most influential men in our community she has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to help build this legacy. She makes... Continue Reading →

Lissa Matthieu – Stronger with Her

Elegance Extraordinaire! Modesty Overload! Are what come to mind when I think of Lissa. But, before I knew her as such, I knew her as a singer and praise and worship leader. We sadly live in a society where beauty is defined by all of our physical adornments, 20-inch bundles, pearls, Mac Ruby Woo lippie,... Continue Reading →

Mymose Connor – Stronger with Her

I met her in her womb. She is my mom, beautiful inside and out. When she walked in the room there was this vivaciousness that she had. She was graced with great panache and elegance. She was indeed, “une femme avec classe.” She had this thing about her that I thought was quite bizarre, she... Continue Reading →

M. Skye Holly – Stronger with Her

Looking at M. Skye from afar you will immediately detect her peaceful demeanor. She is a woman of few words… until you get to know her. She is quite an eloquent speaker who loves to talk to people. Upon every interaction with her, you will discover the amount of benevolence and sapience stored within her,... Continue Reading →

Danielle Gerestan – Stronger With Her

Moving to the United States was emotionally difficult for me. Being bullied all my teenage years, I dreaded starting over here in the U.S. Then I met Danielle just a couple of days after moving here. She's my very first friend and one of the best blessings that I received. I have yet to find... Continue Reading →

Manouchka Charles – Stronger With Her

Manouchka is everyone’s little sister; she’s good-natured, good-humored and good-hearted. She is teachable, musically tuned and loves people. As she led worship at the Well, I couldn’t help but notice her fire for God. Her decisions revolved around the plans that God has set for her. Moving to Miami was one of these decisions. If... Continue Reading →

Tahisha Solages – Stronger with Her

I got a call one day, “turn on the TV to The Chew.” There was Tahisha, on air with so much life, excitement and confidence. She was in her element, doing what she loves, cooking, interacting with people and entertaining them. It was Creole Spicy Wings on the menu at The Chew that day. She... Continue Reading →

Stephanie Antoine – Stronger With Her

We often cite 1 Samuel 15:22, “obedience is greater than sacrifice.” But in the life of Stephanie they happen to co-exist. Her obedience is her sacrifice. After tying the knot with her husband Marc, she relocates to Haiti to stand by him as they labor in the Kingdom of God. This exhibits sympathy, selflessness, submission,... Continue Reading →

Sophia Brutus – Stronger with Her

At the age of 21 Sophia tied the knot with Jonathan. Sometime after that, during Hurricane Sandy, their home got flooded and they lost everything. At the age of 23 she graduates with her Doctorate degree in Pharmacy. This is quite an achievement. All the while being a daughter, sister, friend. Furthermore, she was active... Continue Reading →

Marlie Victor – Stronger with Her

As serene as Marlie is, she is a powerhouse. Her fervency in prayer gets God’s attention every time. One of the biggest emotions that Jesus ever shown was when “He wept.” This happened because He witnessed Mary, Lazarus’ sister, the woman who lavished His feet with her hair and oil, was broken. She loved Jesus... Continue Reading →

Anne Garçon – Stronger With Her

She is Anne to most, Mrs Garçon to some. But, to me, she is “SuperMom.” Prior to her becoming my SuperMom, I used to see her in our community functions. I loved attending Good Shepherd’s Youth Revival, a church pastored by her father. They had the best choir. For every revival, Anne would write a... Continue Reading →

Miriam Legrand – Stronger With Her

Life alone can be quite melancholic, boring and even painful. However with people like Miriam, life becomes utterly jubilant. She is that plus (+) sign that adds to peoples’ lives equaling it (=) to something positive. I admire her kindness and generosity. She keeps on giving. She keeps on adding. Then, there is Miriam’s candor,... Continue Reading →

Tabitha Brown – Stronger With Her

An invitation into her kitchen is always full of food, fun and faith. Tabitha’s life journey is a gold mine. As she cooks, wisdom and advice are being deposited in the lives of any who chooses to listen. It hasn’t always been easy for her. She’s had her fair share of failures, disappoints, heartaches and... Continue Reading →

Katherine Duplessis – Stronger With Her  

Our encounter began in South Shore High School. I was a misfit. She hung out with the “cool kids.” Typically, the “cool kids” are always deemed to be mean and bullies. That was not the case for Katherine. She was the congenial cool kid, very friendly and always had a happy expression on her face.... Continue Reading →

K. Jacky Jean – Stronger With Her

Jacky is a “pretty awesome human being” as she loves to remind me. Frankly, no reminder is needed as her benevolent character speaks on her behalf. She loves people and loves to spend time with them. It is quite a rare hobby for someone to have, given that technology has made it attainable to have... Continue Reading →

Fabiola Jean – Stronger With Her

As long as I can remember Fabiola has always desired being a media maven. It was something she talked about all the time. Especially when our friendship was beginning, we used to be train buddies in the morning on our way to work. Our conversation varied from goals, men, marriage, church and much more. It... Continue Reading →

Brunna Sejour – Stronger With Her

Multi-talented, multi-degreed and multi-fashioned are Brunna’s black belt. There is something gracious about her. Her sophistication, serenity and soft-spoken manner appraise her as a good-natured woman. She has a cultivated beauty.  She has a degree in Mathematics, Accounting and fashion designing. She is a praise dance Extraordinaire. You go girl! Currently, she added ballet to... Continue Reading →

Winnie Pierre – Stronger with Her

We are often ecstatic when we look at our harvest, the fruits that are on our tree. But, we generally forget that there wouldn’t be any harvest if there weren’t any sowers. Winnie is a sower. For over a decade, she has been sowing seeds in my life. She’s an epitome of what a woman... Continue Reading →

Celeste Charles – Stronger with Her

As Celeste stands in front of the pulpit at my church on a Wednesday night leading worship, she stops to share one of her most painful life events. She talks openly about a miscarriage and the brokenness she had. This was a devastating time for her and her husband Terrence. She shared about the emotional... Continue Reading →

Stacy Cesar – Stronger with Her

Compassion seeps out of Stacy’s pores. I recall when she first encountered Jesus. She would bring her notebook to Sunday school and she would transcribe everything that was deserving of being remembered. She was parched for Jesus. The more she learned about Jesus, the bigger her heart got. That’s what I admire about Stacy. She... Continue Reading →

Stephanie Jean Philippe – Stronger With Her

It all started with praise dance rehearsals of about 5 of us ladies. Followed by feasting on Chinese food with girl talk and jokes. It was then it started, it, the inspiration. Stephanie is quite an affable person, always smiling, always dancing. However, life wasn’t always a walk around the park for her. She went... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Sam – Stronger with Her

Creativity is the red viscous fluid that flows through Jennifer’s blood vessels. She is either entertaining people, playwriting, or playing with children. She is always encircled by children, no exaggeration. She is a preschool educator on weekdays. In the evening she goes home to care for her husband, Gerry and her two children, Geremiah and... Continue Reading →

Ndidi Nwagbara – Stronger with Her

Azzure brought Ndidi home one day, ecstatic because he has finally found the lady - the one that would be his perfect fit. We discovered that she was an aspiring microbiologist. Being a science major myself, I supported her and quickly bonded with her. A couple of years later, there was a sudden change in... Continue Reading →

Paulana Lamonier – Stronger with Her

Paulana has shades on her face, red lipstick well applied, a car full of fuel and is ready for the road to success. She will be "live in three, two, one." I met her in 2015 through our friend Michael Joseph. The first thing that stood out about her was her vivaciousness. Around her there... Continue Reading →

Kabrea Thomas – Stronger with Her

I attended an event last year called Women who Inspire Women. Kabrea was one of the vendors there. She is the Founder of Fashionably Yours and Signature Scents by Hand. She is a fashion and fragrance expert. She helps professionals learn how to stand out and feel confident in what they wear and how they... Continue Reading →

Myranda Barreau – Stronger With Her

Myranda’s laugh can be heard about two miles away. No better way to start this highlight about her. Her bubbly personality stands out very well. There is a genuineness about her that magnetizes people to her. One of her most valuable virtues is humility. She wears it well and this allows her to always see... Continue Reading →

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