Dear Independent Woman

Dear Independent Woman,
I’m here for it.  Get your degree!  Get your career!  Get your house!  Get your dream car!  Girl, get it all!!!!  But remember to leave room to be a little dependent.  While independence is praiseworthy and dependency becomes this abnormality, I’m starting to see that being independent has been handicapping our society instead of freeing it.  The “I can do life all by myself” attitude has become the new normal.  However, anxiety and depression are its by-products. 

So, Yes!  There is a time to be independent and a time to be dependent.  Find relief in this; counting on others is both strength and virtue rather than weakness and vice.  Dependency softens us to love.  It forces you to see that you are not better than others.  It helps you to see that you need me as much as I need you.  It opens your eyes to see humanity as equal.  No matter the color or creed, we were created to love and depend on each other.


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