Dear Woman Dropping the Charges

Dear Woman Dropping the Charges,

It may take some time before you are granted forgiveness and clemency.  You’ve sullied a man’s character and defamed his reputation.  Now he must live with a mark of disgrace; the dagger is that he is innocent.  He knows it, God knows it, and you know it.

Yes!  You’ve dropped the charges.  Yes, you’ve recanted your accusation; we thank you, but the damage is already done.  His innocence remains tainted forever.  Now you enter every room with a fragrance of shame and guilt.  It’s not our fault!

May your narrative teach other women the grave repercussion of their lies.  May they never use their vocal weapon to ruin another man.  May others like you confess their wrong no matter how devastating it may be for them afterwards.  May others like you exonerate those they’ve incarcerated –


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