The Online Me

The Online me 

The Online Me is really not who I am… it is who I wish I could be… the me that I want people to see, know, and remember.  The online me is a facade, veneered to look appealing and at times to be hungered after.

I’ve dissolved that if I can fake it… I can make it. So fake it, it is!

The real me longs for companionship and authentic relationships … but if I were to disclose my true me … I would be left out.


I find safety behind the glass.  No one can hurt me, no one scab my unhealed wounds.  No one can dig out my past.  No one can shame me with guilt.  Because no one knows me.  A woman with NO NAME!

Regretfully,  I have come to not know me as well – living a complete lie.  I need to snap out of this trance and face it.  Face the woman in the Mirror!

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  1. So true…lots of people create a story of themselves for others to see on the internet, especially social media….we have to be our authentic selves on and off the screen

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