Dear Woman battling Infertility

Dear Infertile Woman.

I’m sorry on the behalf of all the needy and curious people who constantly make their way to bring you more sorrow than you can bear. We see you, woman who makes everything easy and yet battles with your siege in the shadows. We, the people have exhumed all the dead hopes, false alarms and failed tests for years – reminding you of all the negative pregnancy test after another with negative public announcement to follow. The constant mention of the topic of having a child has become a reproach for you. Everyone is asking when… when are you going to give “them” a child. We’ve unleashed onto you more insecurities than you can bear and add yet another strain, despair. Our demands have made you feel defective and damage, unworthy of the man you have. We remind you that you are a failure. Well, it is time, ignore us, mute us, shun us, silence our demands, reject our advices and focus on you. You are in my prayers.



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