Dear Woman who said No to Jesus

Finding a man you can trust in their words and intentions can be like finding a needle in a haystack. (It almost feels like all the good men are taking). You’ve seen it all, and you have vowed to say no forever.

And when Jesus approached you like he did the Samaritan Woman, you too saw him as a regular man, and you said to him.

Nevertheless, like the Samaritan Woman, you need to see him as the only man who can save at the end of your talk with him. He is the only man that loves you with no strings attached, the only man whose intentions are in their purest form.

Say yes, to him.

He is Lord, a friend, a father, a savior, and he is a buffer. He is your defense from all the other men that you can’t discern.

It would help if you said yes, to him.

He won’t disappoint or place you in harm’s way. He got your back.
He knows the real you, and his yes to you is eternal.

Say yes, to him.

With love, always!

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