Dance with the BIG girls

Dance with the Big Girls

The Christmas Eve production at my church was good this year. My favorite part was a praise dance by the little girls age 7-9. These girls walk on the stage and lined up. Then they added this little girl in the middle. Based on her outfit, a few things were conspicuous. It was evident that she wasn’t part of the dance. It was also evident that she didn’t share identical capability with the others girls. It was also evident that she was confident. Passionate. Bold. Unapologetically determined.

This little ladybug, Abigail is only 2 years old. She witnessed the rehearsals for the dance because her older sister Briana, 8, was part of the dance. Abigail, memorized the dance. She wanted to dance but was denied during the practices. The day of the show, when she saw all the girls lining up on stage, it was tug of war, a relentless struggle. she fought with the lady holding her, “I want to dance with the big girls.” Her adamancy, tenacity and her hunger caused the leaders to put her up there to dance.

My reaction: Jaw-dropped. Moved. Fueled. Inspired by Abigail’s audaciousness. Two years old and not afraid to dance with 7, 8 and 9 years old in front of an audience of a hundred people. What about you? What are you not afraid of? Wrong question  – What is it that you really want to do but you are afraid to do?

Here is your  dosage of inspiration:

No matter how little you are; you can dance with the big girls – as long as you want to.

Don’t let any genetic limitation or self-limitation hold you back from your dreams. Don’t let any trauma or residue of pain hold you back from pursuing what you want. You want something; you better fight for it. Don’t let your age stop you. Don’t let your color stop you. Don’t let your gender stop you. Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let people stop you. Faith is believing in something. We all believe in something. Instead of believing you can’t, believe that you can. Be Brazened. Refuse to be cowed by the implausibilities of life. Defy the odds!


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  1. Determination drives the passionate and that was evident that night. She’s an inspiration and I am so proud of her as well as the other girls. The greatness is inside all of us, we just got to tap into it!

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  2. Thank you Rosy for this post. As a parent we think that we only teach our children but through this experience I’ve realized that through children God shows us what He has deposited on the inside and if we are humbled enough we can actually learn from them. From a young age I’ve always been timid /reserved and afraid to venture off on so many things. God has blessed me with two girls who are quite the opposite, they are bold, aren’t afraid to speak voice there opinions, tenacious and confident. I needed this reminder: #Iamgreatness. Thank you ladies!

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