Dear Woman Craving Acceptance

Dear Woman Craving Acceptance

You know, if I can dare be frank with you, we ALL either have been there or are there right now.  So, you’re not alone.  We all long to be accepted and loved by others.  No matter the color, creed or culture, we thirst to be deemed adequate and suitable.  Unfortunately, for some of us, the desire to be liked by all reaches some unhealthy boundaries.  Long before you know it, we are people pleasers, attention seekers, and become addicts to people’s validations.

When you harbor what people say about you, you become enslaved almost akin to a junkie.  When they say good, it raises your value.  And when they criticize or speak disloyally of you, you depreciate.  You then drown in depression.  But I want you to know that if you live for their validation, you will die because of their rejection. 

Make a vow today!  Pledge allegiance to YOURSELF, to love you, especially when others don’t love you!  Esteem yourself even when people’s words say otherwise.  And most importantly, remain authentically YOU even when the media infiltrates your mind with their ideas of perfection.

With Love,

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