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I can remember being very young and I loved writing. From writing my own message in my DIY “Hallmark” card for my parents’ birthday to writing poems.

For two years now, I’ve been averting starting this blog… afraid of the what ifs. “What if I have no one to read it. What if people ‘boo’ me.”  What if and more what ifs came at me. I had to juggle many emotions to actually overcome them.  This is a BIG venture for me and I’m grateful that I can share this journey with you.

Inspired by RoseGold – Stronger Together, I named it. The name is meaningful. Firstly, My intended audience is women. Secondly, it is Gold (Wisdom) from Rose (Me). And lastly, stronger together is an emphasis that as ladies we need each other.  Together we will be sharpened. My hope is to refresh you every Monday morning as you wish it was Saturday morning. I hope inspire you to live life with purpose.

I look forward to always hearing your sentiments.


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