Behind The Smile

They’ve said that most people who’ve cracked a smile are often veneering their truest emotions. They conceal it in hopes that people will not know their truth, because the Truth HURTS! They hate to display emotion so they are not perceived as vulnerable and weak. They launder the reality they feel about others… they hate them but they smile with them. They bash them but they smile, acting like nothing bothers them. They garnish their hatred with a smile.

Here is the handicap in hiding the truth of how you feel about someone… you fall into the pretext of denial. You get to be labeled as fake and treacherous. The person whom you hate never gets the opportunity to apologize for their offense or improve their behavior. All of this harms harmony and it is a cycle with no end.

The Truth always hurts but hurt is inevitable. Go ahead, let people know how you feel about them. Be tasteful about it, but let your feelings be known.

Who do you need to stop being fake to? Who do you need to go and apologize to because you didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt? It is time to stop behind the smile.


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