Honestly… COVID19 is the reason I know the word “QUARANTINE”. In fact, the first time I used it in a sentence, I butchered it. My husband had me repeat the sentence 3 times hoping I would catch it. Each time, I said the same thing. He ended up correcting me and we both had a good laugh.

Quarantine is simply isolation. – a Time out! While the word has a negative denotative meaning, we can dig out some positivity from it as well.

Courtesy of Coronavirus, NYC, “the city that never sleeps” finally has gotten some much needed rest, forcing non-essential workers to quanratine. This enforced isolation is a preventive measure to cease the spread of the virus. The analogy of the quanratine due to the virus can also apply to areas in our lives that are virulent.

You know… the way we weaponize our words to hurt others, how we utilize gossip to impair someone’s success. How we bully others in public because there’s someone who is bulling us in private. How we spread lies to conceal the truth. These are all viruses in itself. They enter the hears, cement the heart and deprive the soul. Spread to others and finally results in death! This is one of the culprits of suicide. This virus is HIGHLY contagious. How? Hurt people hurt people.

If we are carriers of this virus, we need to be quarantined. It is a dire need. We need to stop spreading hate. Rather than utilizing Facebook to expose someone, use the phone, give the person a call and rebuke them in love. Stop gossiping about people to weaken them because you feel threatened by their strength. Enough!

These past months, the World at large have quarantined because COVID 19 have escalated the death tolls. Thousands of thousands of people were dying daily. They said it was ENOUGH.


It is time to quarantine the aggressor.

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