Dear Mom

Dear Mommie,
My beloved mom, I never got to tell you this because oddly enough I thought I would always have the time…but, thank you for keeping me.  I’m forever angry with time as it robbed me of so much.  I constantly drown myself in tears hoping I could share so many more days with you.

Knowing I will never see or hear from you again is akin to a life sentence in maximum-security prison.  Behind these prison walls, I’m doing my time.  I’m serving time for all the ways that I took you for granted in the ways that I did.  This sentencing is torture! 

Today, I remember how silly we used to be together.  You were funny but not really.  I miss that!  I miss you!  I’m left with a shadow of your love.  I’m left with memories of your hugs.  I’m left radiating in your beauty.

I miss you, over and over again! 
Timoun Laid

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