The Inheritance

It brings comfort knowing that someone cared enough to leave you something. Something that you have not worked for but they felt you were deserving of it.
An inheritance.

They leave money, real estate, and personal property for you. These endowments often leave people set for life. They may never have to work again. Struggle has now become a thing of the past. But what happens when what they leave is a debt, even worse, a curse? Well, that sucks!

Curses come in all sizes and colors. You can have a $1,000 debt or $100,000 debt. No matter the pigmentation of your family, Black, White, Brown, or Purple, you can be faced with debt. Some curses are verbal and some are generational. It is transferred from generation to generation like a good ole inheritance, but rather it comes to deteriorate one’s life. Just cause your mom did it and your grandmother did it, doesn’t mean you got to do it. Just because your dad beat your mom doesn’t mean you have to accept a man to beat on you. Just because your family have a history of alcoholics doesn’t mean you have to follow through with that lifestyle. Just cause your mom was a wedlock by-product and you were one, doesn’t mean your child have to be one.

How long will you be a beneficiary of a broken marriage, financial instability, divorce, children out of wedlock, abusive husband, alcoholism and the like.

How long?
Today! It runs out!

Some things that have been bequeathed to you, you have to say, “no thank you.” To those generational curses say, “no thanks. I don’t want it. I have no need for it.” Whatever “runs in the family” stops running right here, right now.

No more
No way
Devil, not today
Or any other day
Not for me
Or my children behind me
Ladies, not for you
Or your children behind you

Terminate the culture
Interrupt the cycle
Break free from the curse

In Jesus’ name

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