Jocelyn Lundy – Stronger With Him

Right from the start when I met him, back in 2000, I uncovered he was a man of ambition. He was avid for a favorable outcome in life. As he didn’t have any ancestors to pave the way for him, he paved a way for himself and for those who would follow after him.  He laid his own groundwork by traveling from Haiti to Saint Maarten to St Thomas then to the U.S. Against all odds, without despising small beginnings, he pressed forward. Today, he is the owner of a car dealership, JG Motors. He is married to Guerline and together they parent their four children.

Here goes my virtual interview with Jocelyn:

  1. If you could rewrite your past, what’s one thing you’d change?
    If I could rewrite my past, I would have pushed more for my education before getting involved in anything else.

  2. How do you push through your worst times?
    My family has pushed me through my worst times because my goal in life is for them to have a better life tomorrow. They’ve motivated me the most.
  3. Who has influenced you the most and how?
    My Dad Sylvio Lundy is the man who influenced me the most. Growing up as a kid, I saw the passion, love, and affection he had for us. I saw how hard he worked to feed his children and to send us to school, while he himself didn’t have one. His influence has driven me to be a better person, a better dad, and a better husband…
  4. List the attributes / qualities of the man that would receive your blessings to marry your daughters?
    The attributes and qualities of a man I hope to marry my daughters…….to be loyal, honest, respectful, to have dignity and to have a relationship with God

  5. What values are you committed to?
    The values that I’m committed is to be a great Spiritual man and role model for my children.

  6. What daily goals/focus?
    My daily focus is contributed largely to my success. Remember, no matter what you are doing if you can’t focus on it you won’t be successful. Limit your expenses to a minimum as you can and dream big always.
  7. What hope do you have for younger black men growing up in America?
    My hope for every young black man growing in America is to see them have equality of life with equal opportunity and equal privileges as the young white men have in America. My hope is also to see an One America, where racism no longer exists among them.
We’re stronger with him as we acquire many life lessons from him; stick it out! Don’t give up on the game because of the hand you’ve been dealt. Eagerly and decisively seize every window of opportunity. Go after what you want.
Visit him at JG Motors in Worcester Massachusetts
Cheers to a Legacy of Enterprise!

Xo, Tulip

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