Il n’y a pas de Rose sans épines

This morning, I woke up to a grief strickening message, my grandmother has journeyed to be with the Lord. I know she is in a better place because she was very pious, fully devoted to God. She left a legacy of faith for us.

At 83, she’s lived a good life, 7 children, 22 grandchildren and 5 great grandkids. We couldn’t have asked for a better mother and grandmother. For many of us when our parents left Haiti to explore a better life abroad, we were left into her care. I recall those days, oh how she loved and nurtured us. Even as we grow up to be adults, she still remained nurturing.

Right now, we all share this overwhelming sadness that we can’t put into words. To never see her again is to live with an unfathomable void. One of the things that saddens me is that I didn’t get to do for her all that I wanted to do. What I’ve done is only a fraction of what she deserves. Gran-ninin, I love you tremendously. You will never be just a thought or a memory. You will always be a part of me.

While we can no longer hug her and affirm her our love, I charge us to love each other. Forgive each other. Carve out time to spend with our loved ones. Life is but a vapor.

Here is the inspiration of this post. “Il n’y a pas de Rose sans épines,” my grandmother used to tell me. There aren’t any Roses without thorns. Life is full of thorns but you can still make it out in life. Don’t let the tough times rob you of the beautiful life that is before you.

Rest in Peace Marie Lucille Azor


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