Lesson Learned

Life is a mystery. You just never know what you might get from day to day. Today might be a good day and tomorrow might be a not so good day. Each day we wake to the unknown. By the end of the day, we all would have learned something, something new or reminded of a lost truth.

Since 2020 began, we’ve had some very mysterious days. By March, Our “2020 Vision” mantra quickly turned to “Let me live to SEE tomorrow.” Surely, the abnormal have become a whole new normal for us. Our new year resolutions could never change us. But I know COVID 19 has brought some changes in our lives. We have quite a few new perspectives and learned various lessons. Here are some of the wisdom I’ve acquired from all of this:

  • The things we say are “essential” are really trivial.
  • No matter how humans may evolve, we still remain limited.
  • When it comes to death, we are all the same, rich or poor, we share the same fate.
  • Nothing is ABSOLUTE – Everything will soon become obsolete.
  • The theory that lemons give you lemonade is a myth. Lemons without water, and sugar can’t give us lemonade.
  • The church building isn’t essential – a relationship WITH God is.
  • Today is the ONLY day we have to show love. Tomorrow doesn’t exit yet and it may never come.
  • God sits on the Throne and nothing we face is bigger than Him.
  • What you thought couldn’t be paused, can be.
  • Health is far more valuable than wealth
  • We are all in the same fight – we need to work together.
  • It is hard to love – The authentic love isn’t

The latter one is the biggest one for me. Love is as essential as oxygen. Learning how to love is as fundamental as learning how to count. Learning how to love is as complex and challenging as learning Calculus and Physics. It is not easy to love… especially those who you feel don’t deserve it.

I’ve been in a classroom… learning many lessons.

I would love to hear what lessons you’ve learned during this confinement. Share them with me in the comment below.



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