Throw the Whole Kiki Away

If you have never found out who Kiki is, that is ok. I haven’t either. Kiki just become famous over the summer, courtesy of Drake being in his feelings. No one knows who she is. I even googled her, “Who is Kiki?” Finally found something that Google don’t know.

Based on Drake’s unassertiveness Kiki doesn’t seem like the type of girl that values faithfulness. It appears that she is there for her own agenda. He doesn’t know if she loves him. He doesn’t know if she is riding with him. He doesn’t know if she will be by his side forever. But what he does know is that he wants her and he needs her.

Is there likelihood that you have a metaphorical Kiki in your life? A person you treat as a friend and yet you question her loyalty to you because she doesn’t treat you like a friend. Wouldn’t call you or text you, wouldn’t send you a hallmark card for your birthday and if she heard you got hit by a car she wouldn’t even come and see you. For her you would lay your life, but for you she wouldn’t lift a finger.

If walls could talk, it would tell you all about Kiki’s little secrets. The only reason why she is riding with you is because she doesn’t have a car but you do. The only reason why she hangs out with you is because when you eat she eats too. Someone once said, “You hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later you’re going to get a haircut.” She’s only with you for the “haircut.” When no one thinks you’re looking that’s when you get to discover Kiki’s raw and truest thoughts of you. You think she likes you until… you listen behind closed doors. She rejoices over your failures. She criticizes your insecurities. She disapproves your decisions. She frowns at your winnings. She stays closer than a sister just to kill, steal and destroy what you have. She laughs with you but furtively laughs at you when you aren’t around.

Yup! That friend, that’s Kiki. She has got to go. I know you are in your feelings and you want to keep her; you claim that you need her. In all conscience, what do you need her for? What has she ever done for you? Every where you look, there are instances of wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are frauds enclosed in the attire of friends. These friendship are often not secure or stable, it leaves one person on the fence, wondering, scrutinizing and even hurting. Don’t be surprised to see that the Kiki you are willing to die for is the one willing and plotting to kill you.

Loyalty, honesty, communication and respect are exigencies for friendships. Without them any friendship will fail. Friendships also call for reciprocity. There has to be an exchange and mutuality where both parties are benefitting. You can’t be giving and not receiving. This was a resolution I came to terms with this year, learning who to invest in, who to hold on to, who to call friends, and who to let go. Just because she laughs with you doesn’t mean she supports you. Just because she is praying with you doesn’t mean she wants the prayers to be answered. Just because she cries with you doesn’t mean she is hurting for you. Sift through your friends; let all the Kikis go. Stop asking Kiki if she loves you because she doesn’t. Stop asking her if she is riding because she aint. Don’t think she is going to be beside you because she wont. Get out of your feelings and let Kiki go.

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  1. Dope! This is one of my favorite posts from you. So relevant. I loved the way you led into the post with a popular pop reference, thoroughly described Kiki, then ended with the same reference. Fantastically written. Bravo 👏🏾

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