Dear Delilah

Dear Delilah
“Protect your husband’s Strength.”
[[Based on a True Story: Judges 16]]

Delilah, my beloved friend, what you did to Samson was depraved. You lost your moral compass sis. You deceived and destroyed him, for what, $1,100 (pieces of silver)! Girlfriend, this can’t even pay your rent though. It seemed that the money was worth more to you than Samson. While his hair carried his strength, you exposed his weakness to his enemies. He confided in you that losing his hair would make him “weak and be like any other man.” I can almost guarantee you that many women are calling you … “the dumb one.” You had the strongest man in the World love you. Other women envied you for him. And you destroyed him. You knew he loved you. Yet you capitalized on that love. You used his love for you against him. That was quite foolish of you. I must say this though, you are quite persistent, wicked but persistent. You kept pressuring him day after day to tell you what his weakness was.

The saddest part of your story is that your betrayal caused Samson his strength. You let him sleep on your lap, which indicates he trust and feels safe with you … and you let them cut his strength away. When he could have used it to protect you. Here is the dagger, the moment they cut his hair, “his strength left.” We discovered this, “the Lord left him.” The Lord was His strength. You caused him to lose God. And his enemy killed him. That is utterly soul crushing.

Dear Modern day Delilah,
Protect the man that loves you. Don’t betray him for anything. A man who loves you will do anything for you. When he pours out his heart and share his weakness with you, here are two things. Don’t use it against him and don’t share this with his others. Love needs trust to survive. Protect his strength, never let him lose it, if you do, you will lose him.

Strongly together & Inspired by,

 Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Delilah? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmDelilah #BasedOnABibleStory #OpenLetterSeries

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  1. It isn’t common to view women as protectors. I love the way you illustrate through the story of Samson and Delilah that Delilah had the obligation to protect Sampson and she failed at doing so. It is our job as women to protect our men. It is our job to protect the men who love us, care for us, and would lay down their lives for us.

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