The Damaged Me

The Damaged Me 

The Damaged Me is held in captivity by my pain, my past, and my people.  Together, they have a way to affect me with paralysis… unable to move forward and inhibits the hope for a better future.

Pain, honestly, we weren’t built for it.  Once we have pain… we cry… we give up.  When in pain, I find a way to escape to solitude and resentment; a refuge of death!

The past, often referred to what we aren’t most proud of, brings humiliation, distress, and culpability.  The burdens that come with a shameful past is mortifying at times.  I suffer those burdens.

People can be deadly!  They can conjure up both pain and the past.. and like the old adage goes, “hurt people hurt people.”  I’ve allowed people to hurt me consciously and subconsciously.

The Damaged Me wants to silence the pain, silence the lies of the past, and silence people’s sentencing and judgement.  It is time to suppress my suppressors, to be restored and whole again; to find a refuge of hope.

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