About Me

Rose is quite a popular name. It is the name that my parents gave me. In virtue of it, I obtained many pet-names from my friends and family; Rosie, Roses, Rosetta Stone, Rosé, Rose Pedals and so many more. Honestly, I like them ALL. Attending Baruch College in New York, My friend Yevgeny randomly decided to call me Tulip. That was quite an uncommon name. From that moment, Tulip it was!

Anywhoooo… Now that you know my name, I’m going to tell you a little about me.

Born in Haiti and raised in Saint Maarten. I’m currently living in New York City. August 2018, my title was changed from fiancée to wife. I’m trilingual. I love God, books, food, fashion and my twin nieces. I love learning new words. At an early age, I had a thing for Education … I still do. As a lighthearted pleasure, I used to read the dictionary. What a hobby for a little teenaged girl on an Island with the most beautiful beaches. I love to write. hence, the commencement of my blog. There is so much stored in me that I would like to share with You.

I’m so happy that you are joining me,
Welcome to my world.


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