Dear Black Woman Hiding Her White Husband

Dear Black Woman Hiding Her White Man, 

True love is not racist.  It is untamable; it knows no borders.  It is unstoppable; it can’t be restrained.  It is unmistakable; it can’t be hidden.  Love is where you find it.  And when you find it, NEVER let it go!  Black with Black, White with White or Black with White, it doesn’t matter.  I do understand the history that has gotten us here.  I understand that color has always been an issue on campus, at work, in politics and everywhere else.  I understand the nuances of your love.  Yes, it used to be forbidden once upon a time. 

Nevertheless, it no longer is.  So, go ahead and love who you love, despite all racial disparities.  It doesn’t matter which one you prefer.  What matters is that you don’t let people deter you from where gravity is pulling you.  Gravity always pulls where love weighs.


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