Congratulations to the Woman Next Door

Yes, South Africa’s very owned Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Beautifully executed! Mes compliments ma belle. There has been a flooding of congratulations, shares, and posts on my social media feed and suddenly, she is now trending. She is the new face of the Universe with “cheuveux crepus” and yet globally accepted. I’m here for it. Well deserved!

I’m utilizing this past event to catalyze change rather than bring inspiration. The devastating reality is that a manifold of women cottoned to strangers but won’t even cheer the woman next door. Why is that? Has our society adapted a culture to celebrate only the women they don’t feel threatened by? Some women would debate me to say, “well, this is history being made and it is worth sharing and applauding.” Agreed! But listen here Linda… history is DAILY in the making. We would rather share the milestone of someone that we’ve NEVER met and may very well never meet, rather than sharing the milestone of someone that we know, closer to home.

I hope this post become thought provoking to millions of women all around the world. All accomplishments and success are to be celebrated. All history must be noted. But, let’s start from home, at work, on campus, in church, in our neighborhoods to the country, to the nation, to the World…in that order. Let’s support each other.



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