Well, Hello Dear

Hello 2019… or should I say, Hello You. We commonly hear, “this new year is going to be my year.” Yet, we find that, our non-resoluted resolutions have been there since 2010. Does that mean that 2010 and 2018 are the same? Nope, that means you’ve been the same. So, instead of speaking to the year, rather, I will speak to you.

To that I say, Happy New You!!! No more of the unchanged you. There is really no difference between Dec 31 and Jan 1 or Jan 7 and Jan 8. Yet, we wait for January first to start our renewal. It is now seven days into the new year, by now, maybe you’ve already lost the race to the new you. This journey is going to require you to be intentional. Know what you want and GO AFTER IT. But, here is your most crucial pursuit, Go after being the woman who were created to be.

In a world that bombards us with false pretext and counterfeit ideas of womanhood, we need to delve into the Word of God all the more to furnish us with the authenticity of womanhood. This year, my inspiration will be gleaned from the bible. Remember the StrongerWithHer series I did back in April? I introduced women, I know, met, or interacted with that have impacted my life in one-way or another. There are just as many women in the bible to say the least that can impact our lives. It was pressed upon my heart to bring these women that we never got a chance to meet back to life. Reliving their stories hoping that they will instigate a change in us by pointing us towards Jesus.

I believe that for every woman we will consider there is a metaphorical one in this epoch. I find it quite intriguing that in the bible there are no issues left unresolved. Considering this, that quandary that has been emerging in your life, we will find the root and treat it. Another thing I beseech of you is to aid me in getting other women help. With social media on the rise, we can reach women nationwide. If the person I’m addressing is a clone of you, please, share it and when you do, put #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAm(insert her name).

A toast to a great you this year,

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  1. Amen Sis thanks for the reminder to focus in on my Bible this year all the more! The Bible is filled with wonderful examples of what to do as well as what not to do. If we seek…we shall find 🙂

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