Dear Woman with the Generational Curse

Dear Woman with the Generational Curse,
Listen… it stops HERE… today!  You must END this! 

Generational curses feel a sense of entitlement in people’s lives because NO ONE DARE TO FACE THIS LION.  It creeps into the tiny door it finds.  It takes root.  Then it starts to disintegrate generation after generation.  It deteriorates your advancement, your happiness and long before you know it, your entire future.  It’s happening to you… it happened to your mother… and grandmother and great-grandmother and as far as we can go.  It latches on your name.  And we can’t neglect its potency.  It won’t stop until it finds the next victim.

Listen here Linda; it is time to armor up – FIGHT BACK!  You too have power; so end it, TODAY!  Get in the battlefield and take it back!  Take back all that belongs to you! “It runs in the family”, STOPS HERE!


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