Dear Baby Mama Vol 2.

Dear Baby Mama,

The last letter that I addressed to you got into the hands of someone else.  She reached out on your behalf to remind me there is “pain and hurt” behind your actions.  She also summoned to my memory that you’re the victim and not the villain.

So, I’m addressing another letter to you to say I’m sorry.  While you’ve had to juggle pain and hate, I’ve judged you as erratic and resentful.  I’ve stereotyped your actions as being bitter rather than utilizing it to help you be better.  I’m sorry!  I know this is not the narrative that you would have chosen to live.  Living it day in and day out with no support system can be unsettling.  I’m sorry! 

Women are their best when they are rooted in a community of love; where they can find a trusted group of women who can help stabilize the hurt.  Concentrate on mending your heart to be able to love and trust again.


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