Dear Woman with the Disability

Dear Woman with the disability,

We are all disabled somehow – whether we choose to accept or deny it. It is there. The only difference is that yours is visible, and we all see it.

However, don’t let any limitation or encumbrance hinder you from being who you want to be and doing what you love.

There is more than just physical disability; there are mental disability, social disability, economic disability, immigration disability, disability of fear, and I mean the list goes on. Anything that you allow to cripple you is a form of disability.

I’ve had a speech issue for a while – it caused me to be crippled with fear; afraid to talk to people, and in the presence of authority, I would sound completely unsound. I had to make it a point not to let this fear cause me to malfunction in society.

You can’t let people torment or intimidate you. Life doesn’t get to dictate your future. Life is just Life, and we set how we live it.

Blind people have seen
Lame has walked
Deaf have heard

Dare to live!

With love, always!

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