Girl, Listen to my Voice

As 2018 draws to a close, I’m appreciative of all the various blessings that I’ve harvested. It was a good year, a great year actually. I got married. I saw my father and brother after six years. I witnessed two of my girlfriends marry their beau. I reached a milestone. As for you, I’m confident that God has done some good things for you as well. I’m electrified to see what He has in stores for you and I in 2019.

Listen to me. I’m only gonna say this once. We are going on the trip now. It’s going to be rough. It’s gonna feel like it’s going on for a long time. So it’s gonna be hard to stay alert. It’s gonna be even harder to be quiet, but you have to do both. You have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it. Understand? Under no circumstance are you allowed to take off your blindfold… girl, you have your … This is just a place. There’s nothing more that we need from it … you must listen as closely as you can. But you never, ever take off your blindfold. If you look, you will die. – Malorie

As of late, there has been an avalanche on my timeline concerning a Netflix film, Bird Box. Everyone is talking about it. Within seven days of its release more than 45 millions people watched it. I figured I use this craze and bring you some revelation and inspiration. Malorie, the main character tells two children, Boy and Girl not to remove their blindfold as they are going on a journey. She insists that they keep their blindfolds on to ensure they stay alive.

Today, I’m Malorie and you are Girl. If our spiritual senses are sharp and heightened we will notice that our days consist of tug of wars, back-and-forth movement of a clock’s pendulum. Satan is feeding us lies and God is feeding us truth, back and forth, constantly. “Don’t do it.” “Do it.” “Keep your eyes closed.” “Open your eyes.” “Don’t look.” “Look!” Satan will use familiar voices, use our nicknames, disguise as our loved ones to trick us and get us to do exactly what God asks us not to. He will raise his own prophets to say to us, “thus sayeth the Lord” when the Lord hasn’t even muttered a word. His end goal is to kill us, to kill our dream, to kill purpose.

Going into 2019 you need to never, ever take your blindfolds off. Perhaps if you see how bumpy the road you are about to take is, you might want to decline God’s offer. You might lose hope. You might see the bush and not the road. After you’ve taken your blindfolds off and you see a glimpse of delay in God’s promises you will spiritually want to kill yourself. Give up on God, lose faith and cease from accomplishing God’s assignment over your life. Don’t you dare take off the blindfolds.

On this journey, you aren’t alone. I, too, will keep my blindfolds on. As I get ready to take many great leaps forward I prepare myself to fully confide on the Holy Spirit to take me places where I can’t go alone. I can’t afford to get in the way of my own survival. While walking blindfolded is unnerving, it deprives one’s confidence to move ahead. I for one, it makes me tense, nervous and irritable. It turns out this is where faith comes in handy. Knowing and heeding to the voice of the Lord is imperative. But without blindfolds we don’t need to listen to God’s voice. We use our eyes to navigate. I can clearly see that I cannot cross this mountain. I can clearly see this project is too big for me to accomplish. I can clearly see this dream is just what it is, a dream.

Here is the thing… That is not what God said. What you can see doesn’t determine what God is doing.

Gary, in the movie was Satan’s little helper. He was literally stretching people’s eyelids to let them “see” clearly something that was going to make them suicidal. That’s how Satan forced us to open our eyes to show us that God hasn’t done what He said He would. This discovery then freak us out and like Peter we begin to sink. In 2019, under no circumstances are we allowed to navigate our lives by what we see with our naked eyes. Let’s tune our ears to God’s voice and His voice alone, “Listen to my voice. This is my voice.” Don’t peek. Only those who are metaphorically blind will survive and overcome. Those who choose to close their eyes and let God lead them. So, for everything thing God has in store for you, put your blindfolds on, remain unmoved and obedient. You will arrive. You will succeed. You will flourish. You will prosper.


Happy New Year!

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