The Double Sided Story

The Double Sided Story

As authors or fiction tellers, we hold the pen to a world of outcomes and possibilities. We get to tell the story how we want it to be told. Yet, the reader can interpret the story differently. In life, people often retell a story from their vantage point. Hence the adage, “There are always two sides of every story.” There is the Truth and then there is the other Truth… a paradox, I know. Ironically, this paradox holds true (Sigh…. I know this whole thing is a mind distorter and transcends rationality).

Our #Hate #PoliceBrutality #Racism non-fiction story is a double-sided story. The stories that white people tell and the stories black people tell are differing dare I say, quite opposing. The constituents tell a different tale from that of the government. These discrepancies decay our democracy. To better remediate the virus of hate, we can’t listen to one and ignore the other. It is forward thinking to listen to both sides even though we may not agree.

Let me strike while the iron is hot. I’ve shared my sentiments on the former matter. I’ve talked about the racial tyranny towards people of color: The Color of Injustice and Pocketing from our Pain. It is true that police brutality exists. It is also true that all cops aren’t bad –the two sides of the story. We also can’t shut our eyes to the reality that not all white people are racists. Namely, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing slavery. There are many black people who comply with authorities. Candidly, there are many of us (black people) who are giving cops a hard time. I’ve watched many videos where some black men are clearly resisting arrest and the person recording would narrate the story as “Police Brutality” “F*** the Police” and the like.

So, I say this:

Dear Black People,
I’ve seen and heard of those who’ve died unjustly. I’ve seen how, as a society, we’ve been impaired and marginalized. We’ve been affected injuriously, inflicted with bullets, blows, and even biases. Every time we hear of another casualty, it is un-scabbing the old wounds of slavery, segregation, and systemic oppression. It is exhuming the skeletons of our ancestors who’ve died for the “dream.” I must admit though, there are some things that we need to bring to an end. Let’s end the hostility. Let’s be a little more compliant. Let’s reduce our aggression. Under duress, threats, violence, and forcible restraint, we risk increasing the officer’s fear and evoking their defense mode. The cops’ duty is to protect and to keep the peace. Let us help make the cops’ jobs easier. Above all else, nothing speaks louder than knowledge: Educate yourself! Know your rights! Let’s help the cops go home peacefully at the end of their shift.

I say this as well:

Dear Police Officers,
We, the civilians, can’t fathom the degree of danger you face every time you wear your uniform. We may never be able to measure the mental encumbrance you have to cope with. We don’t know how scared you are when a crime is called in and then being faced with a gun pointed at you. We are sorry, we don’t know. But what we do know is this; although your bravery and sacrifice are valued and esteemed, we are exhausted. We are exhausted with the integrity breach in the force. For this reason, we are appealing to the community of good cops. Break the silence! We hold you all to a higher standard. So, join forces with us and shine your flashlights on the bad cops. Let’s get them off the streets. We pray for you, continually. We thank you for going out on the battlefield. Our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons want to come home. Please, help them come home. And not to mention, we want you to get home safely too.

Together, may we rise above the ashes! May we come out of the fire refined as ONE.



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