Dear Woman Behind the Influential Man

Dear Woman Behind the Influential Man, 

Roots often go unnoticed.  Meanwhile, the fruits are enjoyed.  The stage crew goes overlooked all the time.  Meanwhile, the production and actors are praised.  And you, my fair lady, are no different.  Your husband gets all the accolades and you go unremarked.  If no one ever tells you this, thank you!  Thank you for how well you administer your hidden purpose.

Though you’re behind the man, unseen and silent, you occupy an important place.  If I can be brazen, I’ll say this, you hold the principal seat that not many can sit on.  

At your seat, you carry him when he gets discouraged.  When he can’t find his tie that is right in front of him, you graciously get it for him.  You aid him in keeping the momentum of life.  You stand-in for him when he can’t make it to attend the kids’ functions.  You can get him out of unwanted commitments, all he has to say is “Let me speak to my wife about it.”  You wink at him when he gets it right.  And when he cries silently… you catch his tears. 

So no, you are NOT a fly on the wall.  You are NOT just his shadow.

Oh Honey, you are the electrical current that helps keep him lit.

His victory is your victory.  His accomplishment is your accomplishment.  You too get to wear the cap and gown.

A toast to you, cheers!

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