I got my Own Sewage

Leave it to me to bring you a post with a title that got you SMH-ing! Lets get it started shall we?

Ever noticed that EVERYONE comes to YOU to solve all THEIR problems? Their ministry is sinking, they all on you. They’re planning a party they call you. They catch their husband cheating and they call you. They lost their job and they call you. Their car dies on them on the highway, they call you. They get a yeast infection they don’t even call their OB-GNY they call you. You perhaps have the infection too. They got NOONE else to call on but you. So, now you are mama, therapist, employment agency, mechanic and even a physician. Like you ain’t got nothing weighing you down. Like you got all of your stuff figured out.

Le Monde comes to me for everything, I’m glad to help but I got my own sewage I need to tend to. I got my own leakage under my sink. I have my own toxic environment. I’ve got my own annoying constituents in my life. I’ve got my own marital issues. I’ve got my own issue with who killed Ghost. I’ve got a shade of it all.

For 2020, I can only prioritize myself. To better care for you, I must first care for myself. To better love you, I must first love myself. Give me some time to empty my sewer. Give me some time to sort the mess in my life. Give me some time to bury my skeletons before I can help bury yours.


This year, prioritize you. Get restored, get healed, get what you need before you can give to the World.

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