Dear Women Desperately Needing Mr. Right,

Dear Women Desperately Needing Mr. Right,

I have seen this far too many times, where women feel like they have reached a dead-end in their love life, and they compromise. They trade loneliness for “love” – They settled for the unsettling.  

This plot does not have to be your narrative. Settle for a lifetime of peace. Settle for a healthy and happy you. I know it is easier for me to say, a married woman. 

We all need Mr. Right, but in desperately seeking, you do not want to end up with Mr. Wrong. Believe me, he exists!  

I promise you; there is a freedom and quietude that comes with singleness that you forfeit when you are in an unfulfilling relationship and disastrous marriage. A dreadful marriage decays you, and before you know it, you are decrepit, battered, and romantically malnourished. 

With love, always!

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