Broken Crayons Vol 2

The Genesis of my blog began with Broken Crayons. I talked about how many of us limit the potential of the crayon because it is broken. I dared my readers to see their potential despite their brokenness. Nearly three years later, I’m becoming more fully aware that brokenness has paralyzed many women from living their lives and accomplishing their dreams. They feel like since they are broken then they must be thrown away.
No matter how TINY a crayon is broken into… it will STILL COLOR. The only thing that has changed is the size of the crayon not its strength nor its purpose. You can crush a crayon to the SMALLEST fragment that you can… as long as you can find a piece, the intended result will be attained. We can then conclude, as long as we have one little tiny piece, we can still color – Fragmented but Fruitful!
Broken WOMAN… no matter how many people have trampled you, cursed you out, spat on you, disgraced your name, defamed your character, you still remain valuable and serviceable. More Broken Women need to start adjusting their focus on their worth. Things may look blurred. I’m not only writing to you, I’m writing to me as well. I’ve been broken for so long that I’ve ceased caring and threw away all the shattered pieces of me. But then I started discovering that the knowledge of my brokenness had been silently assassinating my potential.
If by any chance you still haven’t taken out the trash yet, go in there and retrieve all those broken pieces, get some glue, build a better stronger you, a Mosaic You. You and I are Mosaic Women; unparalleled and multifarious, composed of small pieces of ourselves.
The broken you is the new you. The Mosaic you.
You. Are. A. Mosaic Woman

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