The Pain, the Pill, the Legend

The Pain, the Pill, the Legend

 Pain is painful, if that makes any sense. There is nothing worst than pain, an intense agony decaying one’s peace. Pain is also powerful; it controls people’s mind and may even remove the human instinct of compassion. Pain kills people and causes people to kill others. One who is distressed with life finds a way to jump off a 30 story building. Betrayed wives killing their estranged husbands. You name it; pain has done it all. Even more, pain is purposeful. Some deem that pain is for punishment; pain has its purpose. Remember Job? He had to endure much pain. His life’s story teaches us that at times God will spare your life from death but not from pain. There is a reward when you tarry, lingering in expectation that God won’t let you die in this pain.

Countless of us ask God to trade our pain for pleasure and I’m sorry to say this, the pain is part of the plan for your life. So, what we have to do is endure it. It makes us stronger. It makes us resilient. In it we build muscles. Remember Hagar? She was the mistress of Abraham. Sarah told him to sleep with her so that they can bear a child. What happens next baffles Hagar. Sarah starts to mistreat her. Hagar, unable to endure runs away with a newborn in her hand. Then God instructs her to return to Sarah, to return to pain.

For every pain, there is some sort of relief; they say there is a pill. For every pain there are different strengths to bear, mild, moderate or severe. The pain I’m talking about isn’t just any regular little pain that a Tylenol can alleviate easily. I’m talking about a severe pain that is considered to be more than a migraine, no Excedrin extra strength can mitigate. The pain that requires the opioids, Vicodin, OxiContin, Percocets, Xanax, Sizzrup Purple Drank (lean) and all kinds of other stuff. While these opioids are there to mitigate physical pain, those who are addicted to them are mainly those who need to soothe their emotional pain, social pain, financial pain and the like. I’m talking about the pain that make women have a promiscuous life, the pain that makes women hurt other women, the pain that healeth not by man, the pain that causes you to cut yourself and at times leads to suicide. Our threshold for pain is so faint.

How do I aspire to inspire you with this post today? Here is it. Inspiration in form of a question, how do you cope with pain? Do you fight or do you flight? Do you attend therapy? Do you pray?

I recently heard about the death of Mac Miller. I had no idea who he was. So, I did a little research and discovered that he was a talented musician and he used to date Ariana Grande. He was recently found dead. Rumor has it that he used drugs to cope with Ariana’s break-up and perhaps died from drug overdose. When I looked at his pictures, I saw the sadness and pain in his eyes. It was there. Sequent to his death, she made a tribute for him on Instagram and a line in her caption goes as followed; “I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to.”

The Pain and the Pill have killed too many earthly legends. But it is time for you to be introduced to the Legend that assuages pain without the usage of any pill – Jesus, the way, the truth, life and the painkiller. Only through Him can we truly bear pain. Like Ariana, I can’t take your pain away and neither can you. Say no to drugs and yes to Jesus.



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