Dear Woman who can’t say No

Dear Woman Who can’t say NO,
I used to be you… ok, I am still struggling with it. So I guess this is our A.A. meeting –

Hi everyone, my name is Rose, and I can’t say no.
I cannot say no, not even to save my life. I’ve sacrificed my comfort, and my time to help people. And now, even as a business owner, I’m seeing my inability to say no starting to creep in its little face. I will be honest, there are people that I stretched my yes for, and they’ve cost me my peace of mind.

What are you afraid of? What am I afraid of? Afraid of letting people down? Afraid of disappointing people? Afraid of not being needed.

We should be afraid of losing ourselves, our sanity, our peace, and joy, losing our marriage and our children.

My dear friend, we have to pull the brake on our “yeses.” We enjoy helping people – but we have to draw a line in the sand. We have to mark the frontier to prevent abusers from getting to us. I have to set stopping points; it is a healthy thing to do. Do it without regret, unapologetically!

P.S. If you, who are reading this, have never said a “YES” to aid someone – this is not for you.

With love, always!

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