Custom made 

I would categorize myself as a persnickety person. Nothing is ever minor or trivial for me. I meticulously do the things that I do. When I started dress shopping, I knew what I wanted to look like as a bride. I spent nearly 11 months looking for my dress. I dragged my best friend around like a mad woman. I drove my aunt crazy driving me around in different states looking for that dress. Saying I tried on 30 wedding dresses is an understatement. I liked this, but hated that. I loved this but the color wasn’t right. I liked this specific detail and hated the rest of the thing.

After numerous failed attempts, it hit me. “Why don’t I just get my dress custom-made?” Guess what I did? Exactly that. I met with a seamstress. I told her everything that I wanted my dress to have. I dreamed it, designed it and she made it happen. When I did my first and final fitting I cried. It was made to order for me with my entire special requirements. It suited me and I loved it.

This editorial is not about you going out there to get your dress made for your wedding. But if you feel compelled to, by all means. This post is about you embracing the fact that you may be different from others. You may want to spearhead something that no one has ever thought about. That is completely acceptable. It is okay to invent a wheel that was never invented before. The purpose that you have was custom-made for you. It is tailored to your talents. It is sewn and stitched to your strength and skill-set. It is embroidered to your experiences.

Refrain from doing what everybody else is already doing. Be different! Be authentic! Be unique! Be a trendsetter! Be a groundbreaker! Go do it. I’m rooting for you.

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