Make the Best of these days

Make the best of these days is really ironic. Where do we find any “best” during those days? The days have brought winds of emotions, complications and frustrations. As the story unfolds we have lost people and the people remaining have lost hope.


A thing in the past. Were we a populous who put our hope in material things, on what is vanity? Did we found safety in our ties of friendships, titles, or our treasures? We never would have believed that things would have spiraled out of control like this. In the past, we’ve hope for friendships to be reconciled, marriages to be restored, children to be born and justice to be served.

But now… our only hope is to LIVE to see tomorrow.

I’m optimistic that we can make the best of these days. Find a reason to smile in every situation. Most time… a lost is a gain. You may have lost a loved one but now you’ve gained an angel. You may have lost your job, now you have time to spend with your family. There is always a rainbow after the rain. The cloud may hid the son… but in time, the sun will come out. Newness is on its way to us. Find the good in these times.

Let’s hope again… believe again… Newness is coming!


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  1. I’ve been encouraging my colleagues lately to “do something for you today”. To do something that makes you smile, that you enjoy. Like for me, I like sweets. So everyday, I make sure that I have a bowl of ice cream or something else that I enjoy. It makes me happy, and during these times, we should all do something that we enjoy each day

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