Dear Woman With the Fibroids

Dear Woman With the Fibroids,

I know you are exhausted from looking pregnant when you are not.  I know how hard it is having people ask you how many months you are when you are not.  Now you struggle how to respond.  Tell them, “It is not Grace, its Grease.”  Smile!  Tell them you are bloated.  Or be honest and just let them know you have Fibroids. 

SMH! Scratch that… THIS IS 2021!  New Year, New You!

Tell them to MIND THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!  So what you look pregnant?  What is it to them?  They ain’t the daddy so they got nothing to worry about!  Girl, you better let them have it.  Tell them, “Stay out of it, this is between me and my Uterus.”  Next time someone asks you, let them know how they lack tact.  It is insensitive of them to ask you that, being negligent to the fact that you could suffer with PCOS, you could be infertile, you could not want a child, or you could be a virgin.  Be respectful but be assertive.  I promise you… people will think twice next time.

With Courage,

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