Dear Me Too

Dear Me Too,

Way too many of us have been suffering in silence.  We’ve accepted and allowed silence to be a weapon to cripple us.  Meanwhile, the most potent weapon we own is our voice.  It is time to use our voice to free us; indict and incarcerate the assailant.  What’s the point of owning a weapon if we are reluctant to use it? 

I know this may be hard for you; you may be ashamed, feel dirty or take fault, but you have to muster up the courage and SPEAK UP NOW!  It is not right to hide in shame.  It is not right to mute the sexual violence for so many years.  I know you need time to heal, I know you need time to process, but don’t take too long.  Don’t wait 5 or 18 years to say something; do it NOW!  If you do it today, you could help save another woman tomorrow.  The sooner you talk, the better. 

Let’s get these assailants off the street, 

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