Dear Woman who picked the Wrong Man

Dear Woman Who Picked the Wrong Man,

This is where I draw a blank.  There is too much at stake for me to give you common and generic advice.  Do I tell you to leave him, knowing very well that you want to stay?  Should I remind you of all the reasons why you must go NOW?


Do I tell you to STAY, knowing well that it will wreak havoc?  Do I tell you to be long-suffering because, really, all relationships go through distress?

Damn, it’s hard for me to find the right words for this.  I know you are hurting, so I must tell you something of substance.

Rationally speaking, how wrong is the man?  Or should I ask what makes him wrong?  Is he wrong because he isn’t yours?  Then Sis, send the man back to his wife.  Frankly, you are wrong!  HE. IS. NOT. YOUR. MAN.  Is he wrong because he doesn’t have his act together?  If you can bear with him, if you can just hold on a little longer, he will get it together.  It just requires your patience.  Is he wrong for his actions or his verbiage?  Send him on his way.  You don’t need that.  Life is too encumbersome to be with a man who will bully and beat on you.  Muster the courage to walk away and never look back. 

With Love,

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