Dear Woman with Mommy Issues

Dear Woman with Mommy Issues

The way you carry the load of knowing the woman who carried you for 9 months didn’t want you, and till this day still doesn’t want you, is quite remarkable.  And I know Mother’s Day must be the worst day for you.  Though you look courageous and unfluctuating on the outside, on the inside you are fragile and unforgiving.  You suffer from a mother-daughter toxic relationship.  You’re encumbered and burdened by her cruelty.  Though your dad has crowned you as his princess and dotted you with love, there is a heritage of womanhood that can only be passed on from your mother that you dispossessed.  It pains you.  You’re enraged! And you want revenge.  You want to treat her as though she no longer exists.

Don’t give up on her!  Don’t cease from making efforts.  I know this is a hard ask, but don’t give up on her.  Give her time to cope with her bone of contentions.  Maybe your existence took something away from her; give her time to heal from that loss.  Maybe your existence exposed her inadequacies; give her time to grapple with her shortcomings.  Maybe she feels like she doesn’t have enough to give, that perhaps you deserve more or better; give her time to accept HERSELF before she can accept YOU.  And maybe she is just EVIL.  Give GOD time to deliver her.  In due time…


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