For the Grieving World

These past couple of weeks have been a CALAMITY…  ALL of this to me are scenes directly from a film as seen on TV. Seeing in right before my eyes is SURREAL and UNSETTLING. We’ve heard SHUTDOWN, QUARANTINE, COVID POSITIVE, RIP so much we’ve become completely numb.

Social distancing for some is much needed but for others… it is the outset of their personal Great Depression.

We understand that life isn’t eternal… we expect to deal with the passing of our loved ones. Though we will never be “ready” or “accept” the loss. Losing someone during these times is beyond TRAGIC. Each person is grieving their loss and can’t be there for someone else’s loss. No proper farewell can be done.

Fear to leave the house, fear of being in groups, fear to hug people – fear has entered our hearts

To the Grieving World I leave you with this:

This pandemic will soon become a thing of the past, a piece of literature inked on paper as part of World History. Sadly, your loss alike will become the past. Don’t let the memory of your person die. Empty your heart of all fear, anger, pain and fill it. Fill it with love and all your wonderful memories. Make the best of every day. Leave no vacancy behind for your loved ones to doubt your love. Tomorrow is not promised but today is here. It is not too late for today.

Hold on…

Hold on to the promises of God.

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