What if I fail? Oh honey! What if you succeed?

Since 2015 I’ve been averting from starting this blog … frightened of the “what ifs.” “What if I have no one to read it? What if people judge my transparency? What if my mess is too messy to bring an impactful message? What if they ‘boo’ me?”  What if and more “what ifs” came at me. All the insecurities and impediments reared their ugly heads and destroyed my confidence. My life’s stories are way too embarrassing to share. I was afraid of being exposed. This lack of certitude brought me to a standstill. My purpose started too look meager the more I heeded to the what ifs. Being a dilettante as a writer in English didn’t help with the nerves either.

What set me free was a post by Trent Shelton and immediately the will to start the blog came smoothly. I overcame the feeling of being insufficient and stopped caring about the results of the what ifs.

You never know you can’t do something until you try… then you find out that you can. Each time you say, “What if I can’t?” to yourself. Remember my voice echoing, “Oh honey, what if you can?”

I wonder how many of you, like me have been repressed because of the “what if I don’t” and the “what if I can’t.” Now, when I look through the stats I see people from Kazakhstan, Panama, Honduras, South Korea, Kenya and so many more reading my blog posts. It is always jaw dropping for me to see the stats of individuals outside of the U.S reading my post. I share this as a testament to encourage you to do what you have been nudged to do. Don’t stop in fear of being ridiculed. Don’t stop in fear of being rejected. Don’t stop in fear of being a failure. Don’t stop in fear of being misunderstood.

While you are passionate and fired up, don’t let people tell you that you can’t or remind you that you failed the first time. Don’t you dim your light because someone can’t handle your brightness. Defy them.

Go ahead girl, glow! Keeping looking at what’s ahead. Oh honey, go forth and shine on!

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