Behind The Scenes

Presuming that everyone has had a glimpse of the behind the scenes of their favorite role model or movie, you know that there had to be some major setback at some point in time.  And you know there was some unexpected stumbling that appeared. The best movie, broadway show or fashion show, exhibits the most chaotic backstage.  But none of the audience members see or know it.

In the same vein, everyone’s life is a movie.  Our lives have behind the scenes footage that are left for only the supporting actors in our lives to witness.  And those looking in, know zilch about it at all.  There is chaos and disaster that we won’t let people see.  We play the part of being resolute and dauntless but in reality, we are drowning in an ocean of fear.

Behind the scenes of a healthy marriage, successful business, multi-million dollar empire, and all that jazz, are a great proportion of sweat and tears, a heterogeneous combination of failure, and a series of trial and error.  Broadway Leagues never advertise what happens backstage.  They praise the hard work of the team and they keep the private matters out of the view of the public.  What happens backstage is the convention of the success we see.  Regrettably, most people want success over hard-work, they want clout with no criticism. Snap out of this fantasy to reach the pinnacle of success without facing the mountain and fight back the lion.

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