Death to the Notion of…

Death to the notion of…

Death is a tragic experience for EVERYONE, to those they call “thugs” and to those they call “chickens”. Our human instinct continues to struggle with accepting death. In that grieving process, there is that pain that is indescribably too evident to deny. The death of our loved ones is totally unacceptable. But I wonder why do we often let our dreams die. Everyone can agree that dreams are fragile and they are high maintenance. Yet, we starve our dreams. We fail to nurture it. We feed everything else but our dreams.

Today, I take a stance, I pledge allegiance to no more dead dreams. No more! Comme disent les Français, “C’est assez!” That’s enough! We must cease killing our dreams.

Death to the notion of, “I need people to support me.” Your friends won’t support you? You get out there and make supporters. If you faint not, one day those who didn’t believe in you will turn out to be your best supporters.

Death to the notion of “it takes money to make money.” Listen, there is money out there, find it (by all legal means necessary. Haha! Have to be clear on that. No illegal gains!)

Death to the notion of “I’m too young” … or perhaps, “too old.” Lamb is better than mutton because it is younger. And for the aged generation, the older the wine better is its flavor.

Death to the notion of “I don’t want to fail.” Like I said in a post a year ago, Failure matters.” If you fail, you get up, and you try again. Success is a byproduct of people’s consistency in failure.

Death to the notion of ANYTHING that is going to kill what you were created for.

Let’s bury procrastination, fear of failure, complacency, lack of zeal, laziness. Let’s breathe life to our purpose, let’s breathe life to our dreams.


You can be great. Go, be great!




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