Dear Lesbian – Woman with Pride

Dear Lesbian – Woman with Pride,

Homosexuality used to be the best-kept secret; an embarrassment to most and a guilty pleasure to few.  Then it became a trend; it was what everyone talked about.  But we were not ready for what it has become today; a way of life to many.  We weren’t prepared to live with the differences of opinion.  We weren’t equipped to socialize with you in the room.

I don’t agree with your lifestyle or your choice but I want you to know that I don’t hate you either.  I was never taught how to be your friend, how to mentor you, or to minister to you.  What I was taught was to shun you so that company with you would not corrupt me.  Sadly, some of us have been so caught up on the SIN that we’ve neglected the SINNER.

I no longer want to neglect you.  How do I reach you without you constantly feeling my judgement assaulting you?  How do I show you that I love you?

Help me, 

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