Dear Woman Romantically Malnourished

Dear Woman Romantically Malnourished,
Our society aims to address and treat malnutrition, where one suffers from not receiving enough nutrients to allow the body to function fully. But there are many other types of malnutrition that get neglected. What goes unnoticed and unspoken are married women with their needs, whether it be sexually, emotionally aren’t met.

You are malnourished in your love life; you are starving for your husband to shower you with love, display some affection, praise your accomplishments and appreciate the sacrifice you’ve made. Your symptoms indicate it, but you are left untreated.

I have spoken to many women who have shared how they are unhappy in their marriages. But when I observe them together, everything looks picture perfect. But deep down inside, she is decomposing with discontentment. I’ve come to understand that we often suffer in silence as women. We take, and we take it, then we take it some more, and then we break.

That is not fair! We need to speak up and give him a fair chance to change. Express how you feel. Don’t destroy your marriage with your silence.

Silence kills; it kills fast. Beware!

With love, always!

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