Broken Sister

When you grow up with someone… your next of kin, partner in crime, or best friend, you have a bond with this person like none other. You can communicate a whole story without muttering any words. If you are a big sister, you automatically become a second mom.If you are a little sister you, well you become the little annoying kid.

Then…Puberty happens and boys get involved
Then… Marriage happens or NOT
Then… Pregnancy happens or NOT … hormonal rampage, emotional distress, disappointments, successes and failures to say the least…

Your best friend now becomes your enemy.Your best supporter becomes your hater.

I’ve been a broken sister for nearly 2 years. I vowed to never speak with her again. I was ok with not forgiving my sister for ripping my heart to pieces. Then again… she didn’t ask for forgiveness, which gave me even more of a reason not to forgive her.

The NERVE of her!
How dare she?!?!

Then it hit me, “How dare I?”
How dare I be so prideful to accept never speaking with her again? Has this been what our parents taught us? Of course not!

But Broken sisters need each other!

We must forgive each other… and we can!
We must reconcile… and we should!
We must move past the hurt… and we will!
We can love each other… forever!

The question is: Will you do it?

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